First Time [Chapter 2]  

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9/8/2006 12:08 pm

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First Time [Chapter 2]

...and the story continued by me, and it went like this...

I couldn’t believe the exquisite tremors she triggered when she unveiled my clitoris and let her heated air caress it. My back arched and my hard tipped breasts peeked out from my robe. A moan escaped me as the unmistakable scent of my arousal filled the air and my fantasy woman continued to take form in my minds eye: auburn hair, azure eyes and a sprinkling of honey-colored freckles on her shoulders. I arch against her touch when her tongue tip finds my glistening pearl; a gasp escapes me when it begins to flutter while twirling round and round and round following the rhythm of my hips and the tug of my fingers in her hair.

Her touch caused me to moan and my hips to undulate each time her fingers brought about yet another tremor. With my eyes closed I cupped my right breast and placed my left hand on hers imagining: pleasure devours me, curling my toes when long, graceful fingers part the swelling mouth of my sex and slide inside. I love how they fill me and purr each time they sink in to my pink wetness as I grip her wrist with both hands and ride them to ecstasy.
She lightly flicked my clitoris again and again causing me to coo with pleasure as the pulsating vibrations carried me to another world. It was as if my body was melting under her touch. Reaching back, she opened a drawer and selected a soft-jell, powder blue g-spot vibrator from among numerous other vibrators, dildos, beads and clitoral stimulators. With practiced fingers she parted my smooth, swollen lips and eased the toy within me and turned it on.
I turned my head, watching in the mirror as she slowly thrust the vibe in and out of my slippery folds as my hips rocked up and down matching her hypnotic cadence. I felt lightheaded as waves of pleasure washed over me: I snuggle my face between the warmth of her thighs, feasting upon her as my hands cup the cheeks of her ass pulling her tightly to my mouth. She is ahhh-ooing in time with my nipping and licking of her clit, causing her body to jump and thrash as I lovingly torment her sexual nerve, taking her higher and higher, to a place where all consuming lust rules supreme.
The combination of the heated lube and magical vibe in addition to the perfect caressing of my clitoris and my sensually erotic fantasies caused my body to tense when I felt the first tendrils of an orgasm rising within me. Reading my body language she smiled and said, “no! Not yet dear! Let it build. Let it build dear.”
She slowed the pace waiting as I struggled to pull myself back from the brink, keeping me floating in a place of pure, orgasmic, sexual bliss. I have no idea how long she kept me there but it seemed an eternity. When she increased the speed of the vibrator I moaned dreamily, totally consumed by my wanton cravings, lost in my own primal ecstasy. I began pinching and twisting my nipples, increasing the intensity of my pleasure; the urgency of my runaway desire, my need to cum the center of my being.

The quiet buzz of the vibrator mingled with my increasingly louder moans, for I was totally incapable of remaining silent or containing the raw primordial desire that I felt at that moment as she fucked me with her heavenly toy. My heart was pounding and in sweet surrender my back arced when she placed the head of the vibe directly on my g-spot and held it there while rapidly tapping my clit: I can feel soft breasts with cherry nipples against mine as our legs entwine. My face is flushed and my clit protruding from its hood, swollen and throbbing as I open myself to her. While lewdly tonguing my bellybutton she takes one of her rose tipped breasts in hand and touches her nipple to my clitoris, barely grazing it, her smoldering eyes holding mine as I unashamedly try to grind my feverish clit against it, my cries growing increasing louder as I writhe and plead, “PLEASE! PLEASE!!!”
The orgasm she tore from me was beyond anything I had ever experienced. A series of tremors signaled its approach and then I erupted, my hips rose high above the chair as I began to gush a molten stream of liquid ecstasy, soaking the robe beneath me: a sob is choked from me when at last I feel her breath upon my sex, and my clit swollen against her mouth. She hardens her hot, clever tongue and licks my quivering nerve with slow cat-like strokes as I grip her long, tawny, chestnut hair, calling her name as I cum … Vixen... Vixen... Vixen!
I emitted a high-pitched squeal and my head flailed from side to side as I rode the seemingly endless roller coaster of multiple orgasms. When at long last the contractions finally stopped and I floated back to earth and my breathing returned to normal I smiled appreciatively at her saying, “Thank you, thank you … you have no idea how incredible that was.”
“You’re welcome dear”, she said with a coy smile and a wink.

rappahannock_man 62M
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9/8/2006 12:23 pm

My, my!

AxonsOnereSigna 74M/76F  
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9/8/2006 12:38 pm

Hotter than a pepper sprout. I guess there'll be no chapter 3? How do you find the time to write so beautifully with all you have going in your life? Can't wait for more. Thanks

MoonVixen27 37F
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9/8/2006 4:23 pm

Actually...Chapter 3 is me lol...give me a day or 2 to think and im on it!!!!

IncorrigibleM 68M
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9/13/2006 3:13 pm

On the Richter Scale, I'm sure that was a big one... 10+? Yummmmmmm.

kyplowboy22 61M

9/18/2006 6:28 pm

I bet Vixen can't wait for her turn now, that was really nice, kid. Later


FastRunnerman 61M
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8/20/2011 11:11 pm

Dear God, I need to comment on this story, too, though I wonder whether you will ever see my post. Such exquisite imagery. I love the thought of you reaching the point of total abandon, the pleasure washing over you in seemingly endless waves. Only wish I was the protagonist in the story!

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