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5/8/2006 5:59 am

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I have always been fascinated by Volcanoes since i was a kid and saw Mount St Helens erupt on the TV in 1980.
Last night there was a programme on the BBC about Krakatoa and and the awesome distuction it caused. A Volcanoe is the most destrutive force of nature on this planet, and at there most ferocious and destructive they are in a way a thing of beauty, something that cannot be tamed or fought by man.
Which makes you realise just how feeble us humans are, we fight each other fight diesease fight injustice and sometimes win, but against nature there will always only be one winner and that is nature.
I have not had a holiday in over 20 years, i will now make a point of saving so i can visit where my childhood fasination started...
Mount St. Helens.

PS. i know this is a sex site and there has been no mention of sex in any of my blogs..well i am a private and shy person..and i am not getting any at all, so maybe one day..who knows!!

phoenix639 49F

5/8/2006 9:27 am

Oh how i love the analogy of volcanos & your lack of sex in the same blog.

Made me chuckle so much. Was that intentional or not?

Ive had very dry periods between my sexual episodes...longest was over 2 years. Then an 18 months. Before the end of last year it was almost a year.

I think the longer we wait the better it will be with someone anyway. Sex is not the be all end all is it. Id far rather have great friends who respect me for me than who want to fuck me.

Building up a good relationship before sex can make your first sex together wonderful & magical...as i say in my foundation blog.

I think most people on here if given the choice between many casual fucks or a long term committed relationship with someone to love & return that love...they would choose the latter.

Yes its a sex based site. But emphasis is on adult friends not sex for me. People who are comfortable over many sexual variations from vanilla to debauched.

I know some are looking for extra marital or just flings, but deep down even those too desire something more substantial than casual.

Youre a good man, you have intelligence too. You also have a calm attitude to lifes experiences & can be very caring. There is a lady who is worthy of you. She will find you.

phoenix639 49F

5/10/2006 8:12 am

Thats a lovely thing to say.

I hope with all my heart it works between Chicky & I.

I will be quite flattened if it doesnt, but we both seen to want to want this so we shall see.

Rome wasnt built in a day & he has a 18 year marriage behind him for me to live up to...can i though!!! Lets see.

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