Dear Santa, See What Had Happened Wuz...  

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12/15/2005 10:48 am

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Dear Santa, See What Had Happened Wuz...

Dear Santa,

Ok..I know you have these list..Naughty and Nice and all. I have a question though. You know better than anyone that I'm have been oh so nice to my family and friends, going out of my way to make them feel loved and special even when some of the little fucks didn't even express gratitude. BUT, there is, as you know, a little naughtiness to be explained on my part.
1. There is the time when I was late for a parent/teacher conference because I was getting my clit off to a porno DVD and because I couldn't find the remote to fast forward to the good part I had to wait through all the BS dialogue and thus was late. Sorry.
2. There was the arguably justified time that I turned on the bathroom faucet, the shower, and flushed the toilet three times so that I could give my pussy the proper finish with the vibrator after my hubby tried his darnedest to get to my cum.
3. Even as we speak, I am being naughty in that I am negating my stay at home mom duty of hitting the play button on the Elmo DVD because I am typing a blog entry on a lesbian website.

So Santa, I know that I have not been as Nice as everyone thinks little ole "Bree" wannabe has pretended to be. But really Santa...let's be honest..some of those elves look at lot like you and don't quite resemble Mrs. Claus. Giving some of your little legitimates jobs to avoid child support huh..I hear yah Santa..just don't throw stones when you're living in an ice mansion. '''

Until next time...look for me at Toys R Us this week..I promise to stay away from any toy that vibrates....Coi Bellas.

hotnsexy8787 46F
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12/15/2005 8:50 pm

I only hope my pussy gets added to your naughty list............

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