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ifiknewbetter 46F
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12/7/2005 9:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

2 and 2

well I had back to back boys today... It is not like I plan these things... (lol) Kate was sick and I did not have to go in tonight... I was kind-of tired though... I was not sure how I felt about Ken... but I am going to go out on the second date with him on Saturday... I guess we are going to a group thing... who knows what will happen... I am sure I will have fun... I had worked along side a good friend the other day making some food...so I had lots to go around... so I thought of B.. cuz' he comes over every now and than....and we like the same kind of food... it was nice to snack with him... we made love and I felt very close to him.. but he is the type I can't read... and I don't dare push him... of the issue of us.. I wonder what he thinks... I like the way he looks at me.. almost shy sometimes... as I am with him... he is the type I could fall for.. I guess... I am not always sure how I feel about being "poly".. I can be so fickle... but when I am with him... I know I can't see myself wanting another person... he pleases me... his touch is soft... and his kiss sees me... I know he does not want to be my boyfriend... I think I am to wild... I am not the... bring to mom home type.... I am not sad about it... it is hard to explain... I do not want all of his time.. maybe just a little more of it... He mentioned tonight.. that maybe... after classes are done... we could spend more time... but I kind-of get the feeling that will not happen... but I am happy for the time we do have... I date and have sex with other men... you know what they say.. sometimes you have to kiss allot of frogs before you get your prince...

rm_Patrick2910 32M

12/8/2005 11:05 am

you need to go out on a date with me.. before u make this other guy ur prince.....

texascowboy76801 40M
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12/8/2005 4:48 pm

it is me again ifiknewbetter my handle got erased some how but now the slate has been wiped cleen i have noticed you are a very sexual woman i like that but however you like this guy and you don't know if he likes you or do you well that being said if you know or think he likes you go for it ask him he will tell you straight up which since he and you had a sexual experiance he will say yes but that is just what i would say in the guys possition expecially with you lol alright checking out good luck on that ifiknewbetter this is your old pal texas_cowboy_4_u now known as texascowboy76801 i hope you get what you are looking for darling go after it bobby

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