love and its complexity..  

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5/9/2005 10:17 pm

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love and its complexity..

so.. love. Big word, yet only 4 letters and 1 syllable. Some refer to it as the "L" bomb, pretty heavy for such a simple word. its funny how people can assosciate something such as a bomb that can change the whole world in a split second emmiting such a force of destruction with one that can altar all and all that lives and feels by meens of joy and splender and euphoria, or is it justified...
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with a little incorrect pronnounciaton of it spelt backwards E V O L and it becomes a bad word.. I reckon this is an omen. i mean love is like a hole (a big colourful hole spinning fastly round like an emotional merry go round) right? you fall in, u dont just fall out again. If you want out of a hole u have to climb out, so if you can really say that your not in love anymore does that mean you wanted out? or was it all just a missconception. u didnt really fall into the hole at all, it was just a puddle, a lusting of your own will to desire? A fling? One nighter that ended up as a 6 monther? im not judging anyone or trying to prove any points.. ive just been thinking heeps about the world and its wonders such as love when i was asked " have you ever been in love" and i know now that i have not fallen into the whole for with all my heart when i do, there will be no chance i climb out....


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5/9/2005 11:28 pm

What a perceptive blog on LOVE! Loved reading it and looking forward to more blogs from you!!

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