privacy concerns on friend finder  

ideafilter 37M
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9/8/2006 3:41 pm

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10/11/2006 4:47 pm

privacy concerns on friend finder

The question of whether to post photos of myself on friend finder has been a recent debate for me. I definitely have security concerns. Is it possible someone I know or work with will find me here? Sure. But that's not what I'm worried about. It would take some serious duplicity for them to make an issue of it being here themselves.
Update Edit. In fact, as commenter PJ noted it's quite possible that having someone you know personally find you on here could lead to something positively interesting. Good point PJ!

Moments ago I ran a quick test privacy test which raised some flags, however. I logged out to view the site as a non-member would. Doing this I was able to find my photo and a link to my profile in under 30 seconds. I'm not sure how I feel about non-members having access to my photo.

Here's how I did it. Obviously if you don't have pics up you have very little to worry about, but if you do as a test you can try to find yourself the same way if interested.

  • click browse
  • click California (or your state)
  • click Men Seeking Women (or your category)
  • click to browse all listings (first button)

    Now, on the right colum it says quick search. Here's how I found myself, vary your own search accordingly.

  • i am a woman (think backwards)
  • seeking a man
  • between ages 26 and 26
  • anything
  • zip code 92126
  • click search

    And hello. There I am. I'm hoping Friend Finder will eventually (soon) let us customize who can see our photos, video introductions, etc. I'm ok with non-members seeing my profile, just not my photos.

  • wolfwalkerXXX 58M

    9/8/2006 4:33 pm

    I see your point. Trying to promote the site is one thing, but since you are not required to pay, just sign up some basic info to get posting / searching priviledges but it leaves a 'footprint' on the site who's viewed who, etc if it ever became an issue. The woman who spots your pic on the site is a lot less likely to admit to it since it places her at the scene of the crime too, ie, her husband, former in-laws trying to get custody of her kids, etc, or in either direction, blackmail, sexual or otherwise... Or maybe it will awaken two people that someone they know already could be a artner, not just an acquaintance. I've had the latter happen to me here, and neither of us ever had any reason for regrets.
    keep your horns up, PJ

    wolfwalkerXXX 58M

    10/11/2006 11:56 am

    I agree it is possible for a person, looking for a particular individual they suspect of being on this or one of the other related sites to this one, such as I am on alt, passion and adultmatchfinder are likely to already know a ell of a lot about you if they're looking here. Ie if a private detective or a suspicious spouse thinks they nmay find you here, it's probably not a great idea for you to set yourself up for the fall that could happen online or doing the same thing offline! Like naughty_xkitten1 said, just be careful what you show others, bearing in mind, until someone is not only a atandard member (for guys anyway, but a silver or gold one) all that can be seen is a thumbneil pic of an individual with their handle on that site, and what age &location they chose to put in. You live near a major city but are in the burbs, use the city name, use 25 or 27 if they'll search for 26. Basic personal security really isn't so hard if you think 'outside the box' even slightly.
    btw... nice legs & cheeks kitten!

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