my career as a pornstar begins  

ideafilter 37M
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8/11/2006 11:21 pm

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9/25/2006 5:05 pm

my career as a pornstar begins

Randomly enough I received an email two weeks ago from a gentleman claiming to be a "porn talent recruiter." I quickly wrote this off in my mind as either AdultFriendFinder spam or yet another internet scam. Still, just for grins I let it linger undeleted in my inbox.

Fast forward a few more days. Another message. He'd seen my webcam and liked my look. They might have some work for me with their company. If I was interested, the letter read, I should call the office for more information.

Curious, I did. I liked the sites - they'd sent some links to check out - I liked the philosophy of the company. There followed a number of questions.

Had I done porn work before? No.

Would I be comfortable being filmed? Quite possibly!

Even if it was gay porn?

You wouldn't have to do any gay scenes if you weren't comfortable. Solo scenes are fine.

But after thinking about it, why not? I'm not a huge fan of double standards but our society is riddled with them. Why should anyone be comfortable looking at, fantasizing about, and just plain masturbating to pictures of other people but feel it's wrong to be on the opposite side of the screen themselves?

Now saying that and actually being comfortable with it are two different things entirely though. I'm okay with the idea of being in gay porn intellectually. Am I absolutely comfortable? No. But honestly, ...I'm getting there.

I'll send updates as they seem relevant. Well, if I don't quit this blogging thing anyways. Any advice on increasing readership, dear void?

MangoElideFinny 46F

9/5/2006 1:30 pm

You career as a porn star COULD begin by filming with me. I have an additional place where I post clips and vids to be watch by peeps other than those here...wanna? and MFM is as close to the other cock as you'd have to be. I hope you would enjoy the feeling of you cock rubbing against another cock while both are inside my sweet pussy.


ideafilter replies on 9/10/2006 2:11 am:
Making an amateur video remains one of my biggest fantasies. Well, really I suppose it could be a layer to any of my fantasies. But I'd like to hear more about this site you're on and, well, the potential of being on it with you.

Thanks for reading.

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