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9/7/2006 1:09 am

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homeopathic health, sexually speaking

I often drive north up along the california coast. Whenever I do I make a point of stopping in at Ema's Herbs in Ventura. It's a cute shop and Ema is herself this dynamic, endearing and forward speaking woman who asks you, right away, to take off your shoes and take a seat. She's a reflexologist, and immediately starts massaging your feet.

Almost as a psychic might, she starts describing symptoms she imagines you must be experiencing. Without my saying a word, she's generally been spot on. If I remember correctly she even knew I'd had my appendix removed.

At any rate, on my last stop I bought a number of teas. Among them Liver Cleanse (I have Crohn's Disease so it's important I keep this front runner in immunodefense in top shape), Pituitary, and Prostate teas. As I mentioned the Liver Cleanse is all about flushing your body's filter, while the Prostate is similarly obvious. The Pituitary Tea is all about your mind. It's calming and helps you sleep, and it works like a charm. In fact, I'm sipping some now was I write this.

But here's what I hadn't expected. And I'm sorry if this is a bit vulgar, but I've been masterbating since about as far back as I can remember. Never have I had remotely the quality of launches I've been having lately. And it's consistent! I feel like NASA preparing for orbital launch every time I open the drawer with lube in it. The only thing that has changed? Ema's Herbs. I'm not sure which, although I'm guessing Prostate, but damn... These are some cool teas!

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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9/10/2006 12:28 am

Sounds like an interesting place..The pituitary teas sounds like something that I need. The last part of your post was not vulgar at all...but rather interesting.. Do you think that you can attribute what is happening to the teas? I am curious as I had come across someone that was wondering about increasing the launches so to speak...perhaps this could help him...it wouldn't hurt to try after all. Great post by the way.

ideafilter replies on 9/10/2006 1:37 am:
Yes, I absolutely attribute the change to the teas. Everything else in my life has remained pretty consistent, so it's a controlled variable of sorts. Now... which tea, that's a different story. My guess is the prostate, but it could be the pituitary as well. The prostate produces the fluids that 'escort' the sperm out. The thicker a guys cum, the greater the sperm to fluid ratio (I'd imagine). The more the prostate contributes to the ejaculate the better it's going to launch and, of course, there will just plain be more of it.

Ema's pretty open to questions of the sort. I would recommend visiting the site and sending her off an email asking.

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