Climate change or global scaring?  

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1/22/2006 8:46 pm

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Climate change or global scaring?

I can't remember the last winter we had this warm. I'm thinking that's probably because we haven't before. On Friday it was plus 10, for what I think was the 4th time this month. All the snow has either melted away, or turned to slick ice waiting for the unsuspecting pedestrian to step out, lose their balance, and add to the long waitlists already at the local hospital emergeny rooms. What I wonder about, is not what global warming has or is doing to our climate, but rather, what is to come. A simple line of thought on the subject brings us to tropical conditions and deserts where once was grasslands or temperate forests, possible die-off of unadapted species, and skin cancer. What most people may not realize is that leading climatologists believe it was in fact global warming that sparked the ice ages of 10 000 -40 000 years ago. If I am to believe what I read in a book called 'The Coming Global Super Storm', and I have no reason not to save a healthy skepticism, then I see the current trend of increasing annual temperatures and increasing aggregate world temperatures as very scary. The author of this book would have me believe that this trend will reach a cusp where the atmospheric temperature over the arctic will affect it's density and pressure to the point that it will cause weather systems larger than current hurricanes forming over landmasses. I'll same you the boring theoritical arguments, but suffice it to say that these storm cells will drop so much snow and ice and rapidly freezing temperatures that we won't have time to catch a flight south.

Now, I'm not saying I buy into this guy's words, but it does give one a new perspective on climate change and just how severe our current situation "could" be. Do we simply try to stop the progress of global warming? Do we give it up for a lost cause or simply too expensive and impossible a venture? Do we all become radical activists and boycot fossil fuels? Or will we simply run out of oil and gas before we reach this event horizon? Your guess is as good as mine, however, should we start getting hurricane type weather coming in off Hudson's Bay or the Great Lakes, I'll be looking into economy flights to Costa Rica...

Enjoy the snow, if it ever gets here.

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