Statistically speaking  

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1/26/2006 6:18 pm

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Statistically speaking

Statistically speaking, it would seem to be much harder for a guy to get noticed on here than a woman. A recent browse turned up approximately 117,000 men looking for women in Tennessee but only roughly 11,800 women, or a ration of about ten guys for every gal in the state. Since standard memembers are seemingly quite limited in their ability to view, much less contact members, and only about 3% of the female population has Gold or Silver membership (yep I was bored so I counted them) the likelihood of a guy getting viewed by, much less receiving communication from, a woman on here is rather low. By contrast, nearly 3 1/2 percent of males (or roughly 4,000 guys) are Gold alone (yep I counted them in my boredom too). If we assume an equal or greater amount of Silver memebers (I wasn't quite bored enough that day to do that count) that makes the number of "paid" male members about equal to the total number of all female members.

To further complicate the percentages, a fair number of female profiles are complete fakes. I've found at least half a dozen profiles that clearly have pics I've seen on adult content sites, and a few that use the same pic but have different profiles (and even different birthdays/ages). Additionally, of the handful of responses to inquiries I've made, all but one have been scammers/solicitors for other adult content sites.

So far I've found very little to recommend retaining membership when it comes up for renewal, but we'll see what happens.

saddletrampsk 54F

1/26/2006 7:05 pm

Yes the stats are definately stacked in a woman's favour however it is important to go out and "market" yourself..blogging is a great way for ppl to get to know you..
Welcome to Blogland..

Green_iis0324 55M
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1/27/2006 9:42 am

Very interesting stats and post

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