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They sat in his living room, her kneeling on the
floor watching the computer screen. They'd talked and
flirted for month, and there was definitely a very
strong physical attraction between the tow of them,
but he hadn't expected her to come. And now here she
was, and he wasn't quite sure how to proceed. His only
real previous experience with women, at least of a
sexual nature, had been with his ex-wife and only a
time or two a month the six months they were married.

She laid on the floor on her stomach, and he slowly
began to massage her shoulder and then down her back.
After a minute or two he got a little bolder and slid
his hand under the traling edge of her shirt to
massage her lower back. When she offered no resistance
he slid his hands slowly higher and higher, pushing
her shirt as he went in slow methodical circle. After
a minute or two more of this she reached up and pulled
her shirt completely off, leaving the top half of her
body completely bare except for her bra.
He proceeded to massage her back up and down in slow
strong strokes, kneeding her muscles and making her
very relaxed. After many long minutes of this he
paused and reached to unhook her bra. She didn't
object or resist. After loosening her bra he proceeded
to continue the massage slowly working her muscles all
the while slowly working his ways towards her sides,
from her belly slowly upward towards her ribcage.
Perhaps ten to twelve minutes had elapsed since he'd
first started the massage when he finally brushed the
sides of her breasts oh so lightly with his touch.
After several such passes, she riased herself slightly
on her knees bringing her torso off the floor and
allowing the bra to droop slightly revealing bare
breast. The young man, clearly understanding the
implications, slowly worked one of his hands, and then
the other, under her body, gently caressing her small
pert breasts, and tweaking her rapidly hardening

They sat there, him kneeled on the floor now
completely naked, her completely topless her jeaned
legs wrapped around his torso as they kissed. Their
tongues twirled and danced in and out of each other's
mouths. Never could he remeber feeling such passion,
evn with the women he had once been married to and had
probaly loved since he was a kid. His hands continued
to work up and down her back as they kissed,
occassionally rubbing, and even squeezing her jean
cover ass.

She laid there, her jeans half off, as his tongue
slowly worked the base of her thigh towards her clit
in slow, strong motions. She'd resisted him getting
her with her pants down, perhaps out of fear he might
attempt intercourse which they'd agree not to do since
neither of them had thought to have protection. Yet
now that she was in this postion, she seemed to relish
it. She'd already had several small orgasms from just
his kissing her and massaging and suckling her breast,
but this was far most erotic and intense. His tongue
working across her thighs, across her clitoris, and
occasions light penetrations in her vaginaal coral
were driving her insane. Several rather intense
climaxes had already shaken her body and now he was
playign with her, toying with her, driving her to the
edge with his ministrations but not bringing her the
epiphany she desired. he taunting didn't last more
than a minute or perhaps too tho for a tease he may be
btu a wantonly cruel man he was not. With a final
motion he brought her to her third, and strongest yet,
serious climax.
She had to stop, she couldn't take much more of this.
He was driving her nuts and yet he seemed far from
finished. If she didn;t stop now she might not want it
to stop, take it too far, allow, nay actually demand
he penetrate her with his long hard cock over and over
again. That was not a risk she could afford to take
without protection. A pregnancy was somthing she
couldn;t afford right now, neither of them could
really afford tight now. So it was with extreme
reluctance that she forced his head away.

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