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2/18/2006 9:49 am

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Comments to reflect on

These days work seems to have become my primary source of social interaction, although even then I am more often then not lost in my headphones playing music while I work. Still several passing comments provided material for contemplation.

The first was in regards to a gemstone kit we had to weigh components out for. One of the gals (about 80% of our department is female, ranging in age from 19 to 60) I was working on the kit with was commenting on how fast I weighed components or parceled and jarred stones. Well, true, but I've been doing it almost a year now, more than twice as long as anyone else on our shift (except for one person who started a few days before I did, but she does returns or occasionally jewelery, almost never gemstones). Secondly, given my intellectual capabilites (among other things I have a degree from ITT in electronic engineering and I graduated with academic honors) the fact I can jar gemstones 60% faster than most of coworkers, for example, doesn't stike me as something overly impressive when compared to my potential.

Another comment conerned one of the gals who had gotten her hair done and several people were mentioning how nice it looked. I agreed it did look good on her. she was like you think? Blends in with my skin and all yes? I was like: beats me, your getting all artisitc on me now. Like last year when my sis was trying to tell me how my niece could already blend her colors and other art related stuff she could do. Might as well be talking French to me for all I understand of art. I'm an intellectual. Science and computers I understand. I can add numbers in my head and sometimes even give you an answer faster than you can put them in a calculator. All I understand of art is it looks good or it doesn't look good. Call my sister if you need an opinion on anything artisitic. She's the artist in the family.

And speaking of hair. I got my chopped off. I'd been letting it grow out. Had it down past my shounders even, but then I went and got it cut.. short. Real short. Not quite a buz cut, but not far from it either. Must have had at least ten inches sliced off. Couple of the older gals were commenting on how nice it looked - one even joked I actually had a neck. I was like yeah yeah it looks nice, no biggie. I got it cut becuase it was getting annoying to maintain so long, not out of concern I looked so fine. So I look good to the ladies. Yay (said sarcastically). And people think I'm so intelligent. Yay again (ditto). And most people say I am very easy to get along with. Double Yay (ditto again). So then I must be perpetually single because I am such an amazing stud I intimidate and scare all the ladies off, right? HAHAHAHAHA. Not.....

Someone asked me once if I had a high opinion of myself. Hmmm, in some regards I do. In other regards I can have a sometimes very low opinion of myself as well, but I joked to this person I just have a lower opinion of most people than I do myself. I'm like everyone else really. I have good qualities. I have bad qualities. I have strengths in some areas than excel me beyond the avaerage person, I have weakness in other areas that leave me behind other people. I think it all mostly balances itself out in the end.


2/18/2006 10:17 am

Yeah but is that shirt your wearing midnight blue or indigo? LOL

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

southrnpeach333 50F

2/18/2006 11:16 am

I am thinking of a new haircut, which do you think shag or long layers?

iconwolf 46M

2/19/2006 9:13 pm

Da shirt is blue...

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