Coming full circle  

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2/23/2006 5:25 pm

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Coming full circle

There's so much I feel like covering I don't even really know where to begin. Life has by and large started to come full circle. For the longest time when I was younger I spent much of my free time reading, reading reading. Much of the rest was spent writing, keeping notes on my reading, putting together thoughts and ideas, keeping a journal.

Then I got rather socialable for a number of years, especially after I first got online. Spent a lot of time in the local AOL chat rooms back home. Got to meet a lot of people both online and offline. I must have met over 500 people live and in person at various parties, picnics, and get togethers over the years. Unfortunately the room(s) degenerated into a mostly a bad parody of a Montel show - the same dozen or two guys dating the same dozen or two girls, with a rotating cast as old timers left and frsh blood came in, not to mention the increasing infighting, double dealing and backstabbing in the rooms. So I slwoly stopped participating. These days I visit maybe once a month or two just to see what's going on. Little has changed.

After the chats I started doing the Yahoo groups. Unfortunately most of them had little to offer either. The discussion/debates groups were often no such thing. Instead of debating and discussing ideas, most of the subject deteriorated into a series of flaming sessions with increasingly personal attacts on people instead of countering agruements/ideas. Many of the "topical" groups were often so biased by a particular viewpoint as to be completely unobjective, regardless of what the particular position held was. So I mostly stopped doing them too.

These days I've mostly reverted back to my old ways. Reading, reading, reading. Except now instead of book I read newgroups, blogs, informational websites and such. And I "write" either reposting the more interesting, important, or humorous material I find, as well as attemting to corralate and compare the material I find. And I still write, keeping my journal - both written and on various blogs. Of course writing online has the advatage that I get occasional feedback. While I've had some (occasional spirited) debates discussion with some of my friend and other memmber of my Yahoo group, it seems kind of funny in an ironic sort of way the only replies to any of my online blogs have from here, a place having a reputation as a "sex" site - while I've yet to receive any commentary on either MySpace or Blogger (except for a few spam ads on Blogger) both of which I've blogged on far longer and much more extensively than I have here.

I could go on, but I've got to make a phone call to an old friend back home. Might have more later.

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