My Fantacy  

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4/17/2006 9:24 am
My Fantacy

You accepted the invite and make your way to my house. You have told me you don't like small talk and just want to get with it. You enter my house. I gentley turn you around and have you put your hands on the wall. Gently I start kissing your neck. I play with your hair and work my hand under your clothes disconecting your bra. I then slowly remove it and your shirt. I start with your neck kissing all the way down your back. I gentley turn you around and work my way around to your stomach. Again I work my way up to your nipples. Gentley I kiss around them and start to lick them with my tongue. You start to get excitted. I work my way up to your neck again gently kissing it. I then work over to your mouth and gently kiss you. You embrace me with passion and desire. I then scoop you up and carry you to my bed. I gently lay you down. I slowly remove your paints, socks. Starting with your feet I gently rub them working my way up your leg. Grabing your underware with my teath I gently pull them off. Again I start with your feet kissing my way all around your thigh up your leg until I reach you stomack. I turn you over gently rubbing your back with my hands and mouth. Kissing down your body to your feet. I gently kiss my way up your inner thigh. I spin you over and start to gently lick around your clit. Licking it, kissing it, while my hands rub your but and legs. Slowly at first, then quicker. You start to moan. You grab my head and thrust it into your body. You then grab my head pulling you up to your mouth. We embrace in a kiss. You then tell me, "Take off those cloaths." I comply removing my clothes. You gently grab my dick, placing it in your mouth. The warmth and the feeling are amazing. You gently suck it. You though want it in you so I work my way ontop of you and grab my dick and tease you a little rubbing my dick around your V. lips. You want it in and I put it in gently and easy. Starting slowly I start to move. You cry out, "Faster" and I heed your command. You can hear our bodies pounding together. You cry out. Oh you are so hot. It is ready to cum, and I cry out as it shots inside of you. You are not done though. You want more. I keep moving inside of you and within a few I am hard as a rock again. We move from posistion to position exploring all our fantacies. When done I get dress you kiss me and you walk out the door. Who was that lady? I don't know, but I do know it was great afternoon.

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