The Greenhouse  

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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Matt glanced over the fence to get a peek at his new
neighbor puttering away in her greenhouse. He was
working in his own garden, weeding his asparagus bed,
but just couldn't keep at the task. The woman next
door was utterly fascinating and very sexy. She was
married, he thought, but he had never seen her
husband. She spent a lot of time in her garden and in
the greenhouse, and today was no different. He was
hoping to get a glance of her when she came out to put
some plants in the garden.

A few days ago, he spied her from second-story bedroom
window. She was planting some geraniums in a bed on
the side of her house, but Matt was not focused on the
flowers. He gazed at her long tanned legs, the bottom
of ass peeking though some tight khaki shorts, and her
braless tits covered only with a thin white blouse. He
could just make out her dark nipples pressing against
the fabric in the cool morning air.

She had caught him spying, looking up at him in his
pajamas, but she only grinned and went back to work.
He had heard his wife rustling downstairs anyway, so
he quickly jumped in the shower to cool off his
hormones at bit. Hmm, I'm turning into a voyeur, he
thought, but she's might just be an exhibitionist....
this could be interesting.

So now, Matt's wife was gone on a business trip and he
was trying to spy on his sexy neighbor again.
But he soon noticed some trouble in the
greenhouse-water was spraying everywhere, soaking not
only pots filled with young seedlings, but also the
woman inside. She frantically tried to shut off a
valve, but only got wetter in the process.

Being a good neighbor, Matt quickly hopped over the
fence to the rescue, not bothering to put on a shirt;
He was in such a hurry to rescue the damsel in
distress, he didn't notice the rip in his shorts that
had caught in the fence.

But he did notice her hard nipples, clinging to the
same sheer wet, cold blouse, as soon as he got to the
greenhouse. She looked a bit befuddled, trying to shut
off the broken valve, but having no success. She was
glad to see that some help had arrived - and
pleasantly surprised to see it was the man she had
seen peeking at her. Matt quickly raced though the
spurting water to help.
"This damn valve is broken and I can't seem to shut it
off- can you get it?," she asked
"Let's see....I think if I can get this nut tightened,
it will shut off," Matt said, grabbing a wrench from a
bench. He soon had the spigot fixed, the water reduced
to only a drip.

"Oh thanks, I've been meaning to get this fixed for a
while, but my husband never gets around to it," she
said. She checked out Matt's wet body, which was
dripping with water. His shorts clung to his body and
she could see the outline of his cock on the fabric,
and could see the tip peeking out the ripped bottom.
Mmmm tasty, she thought, grinning just a bit.

"My goodness, we are quite soaked aren't we?" she
said. "I'm a bit chilled. Let me get a towel and we
can dry off and get to know each other. I'm sure we
will be great neighbors." She found a towel in a
storage bin and started drying herself off.
They chatted briefly; she introduced herself as
Alissa. A certain raw energy warmed them now as the
briefly shook hands, touching shin to skin.

Her nipples were still hard from the cold water, and
Matt found something else getting hard as he watched
her. He finally noticed the rip in his shorts and his
cock peeking though, but there he was little we could
do to hide it. He was so turned on by this woman, so
sexy as she toweled her jet black hair and wiped down
her long tanned legs. Her ass was firm and he could
make out its curve through the wet fabric.

Bending over to dry her legs, she was eye-level with
Matt's swollen cock; he was now sitting on the edge a
table in the greenhouse, still dripping. She grinned
and licked her lips like a cat ready to lap up a dish
of cream. She started to dry his chest , working lower
to his stomach

"Oh I'm sorry- I've completely forgotten about you. I
was so wet and got carried away," Alissa said, soon
blushing about how wet she was... but her pussy had
moistened at the thought of Matt's hard cock in her

"Hmm. Looks like you are still pretty wet and cold ...
come closer... I'll warm you up," he said, pushing her
hair back behind her ears. Allissa couldn't stand it
any longer; she lightly bit the fleshy part of his
hand and looked into his dark blue eyes. They kissed
hard, and she could feel Matt's cock, pulsing hot
against her cool belly.

Matt was soon on fire too and rose, ripping open
Alissa's blouse to expose her hardened nipples, taking
one and then the other in his mouth as she stood
before him, tasting a bit of saltiness from her sweat.
He reached to grab her ass, digging his fingers in,
probing further and deeper. He pulled hard on her
panties to put gentle pressure on her clit and
asshole. Ali was breathing hard and biting her lip at
the pleasure as he fingered the hardened knob of her

But also wanted to have his stiff cock below. She
pulled off his shorts and fondled him, gently
squeezing his balls. She soon leaned forward to kiss
and nibble his nipples working lower. She knelt before
him as he sat on the bench and took his cock in her
mouth - just the tip at first and then all of it. Her
red full lips circled his dick, and Matt was soon
thrusting deeper.... pulling her closer as his fingers
dug into her scalp... feeling the tip hit her throat.
He was shaking and moaning now, but Ali could feel
his balls tighten and she pulled away. Matt protested
as she sat sitting on a pile of dirt and grinned.

"I was so close!" he gasped
"Sorry, but I've got to have you in me- come and get
it!" Allissa said pulling off her panties and shorts.
Matt eagerly complied, entering her quickly and
started pumping her hard. She wrapped her legs around
his wet back, pulling him in deeper. Their white
bodies sunk into the wet black dirt, and the earthly
smell aroused them, some primal memory surged through
their minds.

Matt was fucking her harder and faster, and he
couldn't hold back as Allissa's nails dug into his
back. She was cumming moaning, pleading him to cum in
her. With a ....unnnnnnngh...he poured hot white cum
into her, for what seemed like minutes. He collapsed
on her, spent and happy.

Smiling, Allissa looked up through the glass roof of
the greenhouse to the second floor window of her
house. She saw a familiar face in the window- her
husband, who had been jacking off at the spectacle

Hmm, the husband thought, good thing I didn't repair
that valve... might just have to break it again to see
who else may lend a hand.

caressmewell 53F

4/25/2006 9:46 pm

WooHoo!! Fun in the greenhouse!

gypsy1629 41F

4/27/2006 11:02 pm

Very fun and sensual story...will look here in the future to see if you have written more....


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