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iawriter64 52M
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6/30/2006 9:05 am
Story idea

Well, haven't posted in a while or written much--just haven't been very inspired. But I do have a story idea, and some of it started.
The premise is: a 40ish mom comes to a college campus for her daughter's orientation. It's her alma mater and all these memories come back of the wild times she had as a coed, and experimenting with sex with her boyfriend.
Now divorced and free of kids at home she yearns for the same excitement and freedom she had as a young woman.
And guess what... her old college boyfriend is back on campus too, and has a son going though orientation too. So they meet and decide to go out while the kids are at orientation.
There's some tension at first, but soon the former lovers are back at it, remembering the touch and feel of each other. Am working on a twist at the end...I think.

I work on a college campus, and there are bunch of moms and dads here now for orientation, and I wonder if any of them ever hook up.

So I hope to write this up soon. Please share any ideas on how to further develop this story- any personal experiences that might be similar?

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