Sex at a Weigh Station  

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Sex at a Weigh Station

Here's an example of the consequnces of having sex at work, even though it was consentual at the time (the woman later changed her story). And at a weigh station...I always wondered what goes on at those drab buildings.

DOT officer fired for on-duty liaisons
The former sergeant says having sex at a weigh station doesn't warrant his dismissal.


April 1, 2006

A state law enforcement officer has been fired for having sex with female subordinates while working at highway weigh stations.

Michael J. Lawrence, 51, of Des Moines was fired in December from the Iowa Department of Transportation, where he was a motor-vehicle enforcement officer with the rank of sergeant. He was fired after an investigation into allegations of sexual activity at weigh stations in Clarke and Jasper counties. The matter was made public only recently when Lawrence asked for a state hearing on his request for unemployment benefits.

During a taped interview with DOT investigators last fall, Lawrence admitted having sex on several occasions with a female subordinate while they were on duty at a DOT weigh station. Lawrence described the encounters as consensual and said the female officer was often the aggressor who initiated the contact.

According to state records, investigators reviewed Lawrence's state cell phone records, which showed 26 calls to the woman over a period of two or three weeks. Lawrence admitted that, separate from his contacts with the woman at the weigh station, he also "stopped by her house on duty a couple of times."

He said he recognized that what he did was wrong but didn't think it warranted dismissal.

"I got 26 years in law enforcement (including) 21 years here," Lawrence told investigators. "All I want to do is retire in about four or five years, and that's it."

During his interviews with DOT investigators, Lawrence initially denied having sex with any other DOT employees. But when an investigator mentioned the name of a woman he had supervised about 10 years ago, Lawrence acknowledged having had sex with that woman while on duty.

"We were at the scale alone and it happened," he told investigators. "I had forgotten about that."

At Lawrence's unemployment hearing, DOT investigator Kerry Kirkpatrick said the woman in the more recent case alleged that she and Lawrence had sex "numerous times" while on duty between May and August 2005 .

He said the woman claimed the sex was initially consensual but later was against her will.

"He would pull out his penis and - this is just one example - and he'd say, 'Hey, take a look at this,' " Kirkpatrick testified. "It was somewhat common."

Lawrence testified that he and the woman were in his car after a golf outing one day when she told him that she had disclosed the affair to another DOT worker. Lawrence said he then called that worker and told the man to keep the information to himself. He and the woman then engaged in sex, he said.

Kirkpatrick testified that the subordinate in the more recent case has not faced discipline as a result of the investigation - a fact that Lawrence cited as one of his primary concerns. He objected to being fired while the female subordinate was not disciplined.

State records show that Lawrence was paid $53,263 last year. He was denied unemployment benefits.

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4/3/2006 5:00 pm

Well about working the system! That gives new meaning to getting alot of bang for the bucks not to mention getting screwed at work.

Think he's taking orders at the local fast food joint these days?

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