Pt.2 of Mr. Mom story...finally  

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Pt.2 of Mr. Mom story...finally

Ok... after a long's part two:

Mr. Mom is Early...

Matt stood on the front steps, shuffling his feet back and forth and double-checking the invitation: Karla’s House…Evening of Enchantment Party, Brookside Way. He looked at the house number on the bricks in front of him.
“This is the place,” he murmured to himself as he checked the bottle of wine he had brought and rang the doorbell. Mindy immediately swung the door open and smiled at Matt. It was a big smile, but Matt hardly noticed.
He was looking at the green satin teddy she was barely wearing. Matt felt his cock twitch and he stammered. “Uh, Mindy, hi, am I early? Are you still getting dressed? ”
“Oh just a bit early, but come on in,” Mindy assured him as she pulled him through the door into the foyer. “We can’t decide what lingerie to wear, but you can help us. So many choices… we need an man’s perspective.”
Just beyond the entryway, Matt could see a rolling rack of lingerie in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Karla was standing in front of it, hands on her hips, head tilted. She tossed a glance at Matt over her creamy, white shoulder. She was only wearing a pair of boy cut panties and black high heels. But Matt wasn’t looking at her shoes. He was looking at her firm ass and the curve of the small of her back. As she turned around she revealed a trimmed pussy, and small, but perfect breasts. “Hi, I just can’t decide what to try on first. I need to make a good impression for my guests,” Karla said. “Any suggestions?”
“Whatever shows off your assets the best. But I always like black lingerie,” Matt said.
“Please, sit here,” Mindy gestured toward a leather sofa and put the wine bottle on a nearby table. Matt lowered himself into the buttery soft cushions and smiled nervously at Mindy and Karla. His cock was bigger as he settled in and now he was sweating.
Karla picked out a something from the rack- a black silk camisole with matching panties. “What do you think about this?” Karla stepped into the black silk panties and Mindy helped her slipped the camisole on. “Very nice,” Matt said. He was really enjoying the show.
“Hmmm, I like this too,” said Mindy, who was standing beside her now. “It must feel divine.” Mindy brushed her hand across Karla’s chest, feeling the luxurious fabric against her friends’ smooth skin. Karla smiled, “Would you like to touch me some more? I’d like that, and so would Matt.”
“Sure, we have to see how the fabric survives wear and tear,” Mindy said, lowering the straps of the camisole, at the same time and lowering her head toward Karla’s tits. Mindy trailed her tongue across Karla’s hard nips, stopping a moment in her cleavage. Karla tilted her head back and moaned softly. Mindy moved in closer, kissing Karla’s breasts, shoulders, and neck, working her way slowly to her mouth. The women were soon locked in a keep kiss, hands gently caressing each other’s bodies.
Matt was frozen on the couch, one hand gripping the armrest, the other massaging the bulge in his pants. Mindy was still whispering something in Karla’s ear.
“Would you like to try out one of the toys we brought for the show? I really want to make you cum hard in front of Matt,” she said.
“Suuure,” Karla said. “Pick one out for me, Matt. The box of toys is on the table.”
Matt rummaged through the box full of dildoes vibrators, creams and fuzzy handcuffs. He settled on a large black cock-shaped vibrator and gave it to Mindy, who took off her camisole and panties. Karla left her top on but pulled of her panties and took Matt’s place on the couch. Spreading her legs, she invited her friend nearer and Mindy turned on the vibe. It quietly buzzed as Mindy gently worked it around Karla’s pussy. Taking out the vibe, she licked Karla’s navel and grabbed Karla’s gyrating hips, darting her tongue into Karla’s wet pussy. Matt slid from the chair he was seated, his ass on the floor, back against the sofa. His mouth was open as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.
“Mmmm, Mindy, you go girl,” Karla encouraged her friend’s frenzied mouth as she slipped three fingers deep into Mindy’s pussy. She slowly twirled them around, pushed them in deeper and slid them out along Mindy’s already sticky thighs. Karla stretched and reached for vibe coffee table.
“Oh, God,” Karla groaned as Mindy pushed the vibe farther, and harder. “Mmmm, yes.” Matt was on his knees, straining to see Mindy working the vibe. He had slowly inched closer to the sprawling women, without even realizing it. Karla writhed on the floor. “I’m cumming, cumming,” Mindy screamed as she tore at the carpet with her hands. Mindy was fingering her own pussy, then slowly licking her fingers as Mindy bucked against the vibe, wrapping her legs tightly around Mindy’s pumping forearm.
Karla’s skin was lightly glistening with sweat as she rose from the carpet to kiss Mindy. “I like this black vibe- I might just have to buy it!” Karla look rather satisfied.
They glanced over to Matt who had taken out his cock and was stroking it during the show. He was close to cumming, but not quite. He was hoping one of the girls would take care of him.
“I think we have neglected our guest,” Mindy said as she looked at Matt. “But you have to save yourself–the party is just getting started and we have many guests who haven’t come yet.”
“I sure came!” giggled Karla. “But Mindy’s right. You need to save yourself and I have just the thing.” She fished a cock ring out of the box of toys and showed it to Matt. “let me put this on you and you’ll be hard for a while.”
“Aww Karla this is torture! I need some relief after that show,” Matt protested.

“Don’t worry, hun. By the end of this party, you’ll be MORE than relieved,” Mindy said. “We have plans for you, don’t we Karla?”
And with that, Matt relaxed a bit and let Karla put the cock ring on him. She even sucked his cock a bit after putting it on, just to show him that the simple device would control his flow.
Matt liked these girls and really wanted to fuck both of them, but wondered what was next. How many women were coming to the party? How many men? Was this really an orgy?

The answer would soon be known, but first Karla led him upstairs for some more cock teasing in the bedroom. It was torture, but he smiled as Karla flicked her tongue on his cock, then taking a bit more in with her mouth and moving faster. This is a GREAT day, he thought, looking down at Karla’s lips wrapped round his cock. He was close to cumming several times, but the ring prevented it. Karla pulled away and grinned. “Poor baby… can’t come yet. I’m just preparing you. But don’t worry… soon enough. Gotta save you for the show.”

“What show? I’m gonna perform?

“Why yes, hun. All the girls are going to watch and join in, I hope. They all want a piece of you!” Karla said.

Matt smiled as he thought of some of the women ‒ Katie, Joanna, Christie…all very hot and sexy. Downstairs, there was knock at the door, then another, Mindy letting them in. The guests had arrived: all the neighborhood gals bearing bottles of wine and ready to party. The fun was just beginning to start for Matt….and another lucky guy. After all, there were nearly a dozen women in the living room by now.

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