New Story "The Creative Session"  

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2/23/2006 3:29 pm

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New Story "The Creative Session"

The Creative Session

Jane and Leo walked down the alley, side by side, almost touching hands. But it wasn't quite safe to do it for long - someone who wouldn’t understand could see them.

They felt it was natural to be together that day, meeting for a business lunch to go over a new brochure that had turned into something more. Jane was a doctor's wife, but after only a year of marriage, she had found her once charming Japanese husband to be quite awful. He paid no attention to her, spending most of his free time at the golf course or late evenings at the country club bar.

She had reached out to Leo, a guy in the office whose own marriage had just fell apart. They shared their pain, but also found a youthful joy in each other's company. A certain charge passed though them when they were together, something beyond a working relationship. They teased at lunch, trading knowing grins long after discussion of the brochure ended.

They started back to work, but a quick glance and a smile changed their direction. “We’re not getting much done here, why don’t we head to my place to see what we can do there?” Jane said. They rushed to Jane's plush home a few blocks away…work could wait.

Jane slowly opened the door, making sure her husband wasn’t home, but he was doing his rounds at the hospital. Now they were alone and out of sight of prying eyes. Leo drew Jane close, kissing her neck first and the hard on the lips. She gasped a bit at his advance ‒ he grew bolder and bolder as the intense passion built. Slipping off her jacket, Leo felt her breasts swell and nipples hardened under a lacy camisole as they embraced. Leo's cock also grew bigger under his khakis and Jane felt it pulse against her stomach. She had to have it, so she unzipped his pants to find it springing to life.

The pair headed for the living room couch, taking off bits and pieces of clothes between kisses. Jane thought of all the useless evenings she spent alone there, flipping though channels and falling asleep. Now, the afternoon sun shined through her lace curtains to the couch, illuminating a gorgeous naked man lying back on the couch. She started lightly biting his nipples, then caressing and licking his stomach, slowing working her way to his cock. He tasted wonderful and loved the feeling of being in control as she sucked and licked him into a frenzy. But she slowed her pace, afraid he’d come too quickly and end their afternoon too quickly.

It had been a long time since a woman had done this to Leo and he gazed at her face as she lovingly sucked him. He wanted to remember this sight for a long time and combed his fingers through her wavy dark hair. From time to time, she looked up, meeting his eyes. She had a bit of a grin at the corners of her cock-filled mouth, at the thought of having Leo fill up her aching pussy.

Just as he started to drip a bit of pre-cum on her tongue, Jane decided it was time to have him in her. She got on top of Leo, slowly impaled herself on his penis from top to bottom and then back again. It was slow torture for both of them, but soon the pace quickened as the feelings intensified again. Jane rode his cock hard as she reached up and grabbed her own breasts, pinching her hard nipples “Suck them, please!” she said, bringing her breast to his mouth, and Leo willingly complied, taking one nipple then the other as she continued to writhe above him.

He reached behind to Jane’s ass, first grabbing it hard and guiding her hips as she fucked him. Soon he sneaked a finger just in the opening of her asshole that was well moistened with her juices. It surprised Jane a bit, but she relaxed and enjoyed the unique sensation.

By now, Leo felt himself close to cumming, but he had to hold on a bit longer. But Jane sensed this and picked up the pace, fucking him harder. “ I’m gonna make you cum so hard… come on Leo… you know you want to,” she whispered, gazing into his eyes with a look of pure lust.
This was all it took. Leo spasmed and gritted his teeth, growling as he gushed cum up in Jane’s pussy. She felt his surge and soon shuddered, feeling in a deep orgasm of her own.

She collapsed into his arms and nuzzled his neck, kissing Leo after the long ride on the couch.
“I think we’re going to have to have another lunch to work on this brochure. We didn’t get much done with it today,” Leo teased, kissing her ear.

“Sounds good to me,” Jane said. “I’m gonna like working on this project.

They agreed to meet soon for another creative session, but wondering if they could keep apart at the office. It was the start of something special for both of them, but with an element of risk that made the anticipation sweeter.

caressmewell 53F

2/23/2006 5:39 pm

Wonderful!! I enjoyed reading this. Are you leaving the ending to the reading imagination or will there be a part II?

iawriter64 52M
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2/24/2006 7:00 am

Thanks caress I read your office sex story and remembered I had written this story a couple years ago, but it needed some rewriting. The original story had them being much more tentative. I hadn't planned on a part II, but I could see other stories where thye continue their fun.

rm_emeraldem 43F

2/26/2006 8:43 pm

I really enjoyed this!

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