Bogus strip club  

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Bogus strip club

See news story below- pretty sneaky but smart tactic by a strip club owner. Riverside is duped again; remember, this was the town that fell for the "Invasion Iowa" deal with William Shatner.

We can have all the casinos we want in Iowa, but god forbid, there can't be strip clubs next to them!

Strip Club Owner Scams County, Protects Business
Monday, January 16, 2006

(Cedar Rapids ‒ KCRG) -- A city gambling on a new casino could have more adult problems to work out.

The city of Riverside, about 15 minutes south of Iowa City, will soon be home to one of Iowa's new casinos and now there is word that adult-themed businesses are also betting on a bright future in town but Washington County and area churches are rallying against strip clubs before they arrive.

Monday KCRG-TV 9 learned a club in question is not only bogus, it is actually a decoy.

With the Riverside casino just months from completion, could a strip club be far behind?

Not if the Washington County supervisors have anything to say about it.

Supervisor Jack Dillon said, "We're not trying to prevent people from making a living."

But they are in the middle of creating 30 pages of restrictions to dissuade adult-themed businesses from moving to the county.

Dillon said, "The ordinance will control that, the hours of operation and where it can be."

First Assembly of God Church in Washington Reverend Jim Cluney is leading the crusade to convince the supervisors they're on the right path.

He said, "Even though they have a right to run their business, we have a right to protect our children from some of the influence that business brings into the community."

That business Cluney refers to is a strip club.

Jeremy Patterson grabbed the paperwork needed to build one, and ever since he has been taking heat from the county.

Patterson said, "Truly a person could have opened a strip club and no one could have fought it."

Only everyone is fighting it, although there is nothing to fight.

That is right.

Patterson says there never was any plan for a strip club in riverside.

He and an owner of another club just convinced everyone there was.

Patterson said, "We went about it that way just to get them going to try getting the ordinance passed so there can't be one."

Dillon responded, "That surprises me. I didn't know that." Patterson explained, "The whole scheme was to kill it so it didn't affect his business up north."

A club owner, Patterson will not say which one, paid Patterson to put pressure on the county and squash out any future competition but others see smoke and think fire.

Cluney said, "Sometimes it can be a ruse to test the water to see how hard they have to push when they do get ready to come in."

Now we will have to wait and see.

The supervisors will have their third and final public hearing on the ordinance next week.

Patterson said he was willing to release the news early because he, and the anonymous club owner, believes the ordinance will pass.

Supervisor Dillon agrees.

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