firt time getting head  

iamtompeny2 34M
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6/8/2005 10:49 am

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11/20/2006 6:19 am

firt time getting head

well the first time i got head i was 16 years old. now that i think about it i thin it was the best i ever got. the girl was older she was 18. a very free sprit and very sexy. we will call her mel.
mel was probably one of the most gorgeous girls i have ever seen. tiny waist nice firm butt. she had small boobs at the time but i liked them. i say at that time because she got implants about half a year ago. she looked amazing. she was wearing this tiny little top and those shorts that are cut so short you can see the bottom of her ass cheak
well it started out as a usual night for my group of friends. about a dozen six packs and went to the school where we hung out. we all hung out joked around for a few hours and everyone started disappearing. curfew and random hookups were the cause of this. there was only three of us left me mel and my friend tom. mel finaly decided it was time for her to go around 12:30 and tom lived be hind the school so he hoped the fence and left. mel was walking around the school and turned to me and asked me to walk with her. i agreed and we started talking. everything she use to talk about was sex. she was alwats horny. we got on the topic of blowjobs and i told her i never recieved one. she was shocked because i had a girl for over two years. she sat down on a wall at the bottom of the hill infront of the school. she was quiet for a while. this made me nervous she was never quiet. she then looked at me and said come with me. she took my hand and ran up to the middle of the hill. she then told me im gonna help you with your little problem but you have to help me first. i was confused. everything was made clear in a second. she leaned in and kissed me like ive never been kissed before. i could feal a rise quickly. i guess she felt it to. she said not yet sweaty you have buissness to take care of. she started slowly tease me taking pf her little top one strap at a time pushing it around her waist. then bending over and rubbing her ass in croch as she unbuttoned her shorts. she laid back and i knew what i was suppose to do.but i never done it before. read alot of books so i was pretty confident.i got down i kissed her neck softly. she moaned alittle and pulled me in close. i massaged her breast as i kissed down her neck to her sholder then finally to her lovely breast. i could hear her heart and her breathing increase. i lifted her leg and kissed and licked down her thigh brushing my lips and tounge over her panties. after a some time she pulled her panties to the side and said now lick me. i was alitle nervous. i started slow licking around her pussy. mel moaned alittle and started saying dirty things. like im going to suck you so good if you make me cum. i was getting really turned on at this point. i finaly moved in to her pierced clit making light strokes as i caressed her ass pulling her into my face. mel moaned louder and was thrusting hard i just kept on doing what she told me. faster harder put another one in. i think she came. she told me to stop. she pushed on the ground and stratled me. she grinded her pussy in to me for awhile. then moved her head down to my croch. she unbuttoned my jeans with her mouth. dont ask me how. i was so aroused and she smiled. she looked into my eyes and swallowed the head of my penis.her mouth was so warm and tight i thought i was gonna lose it. it was amazing finally she took her toung ran it down my shaft and took to whole thing in my her mouth her tounge kept moving while she sucked. it was the most intense fealing i ever had. it was over in about a minute and a half but wow!!!!

SuddenlyFree2 52M

6/8/2005 11:30 am

Mine was at the movies. My GF and I were in the back seat, and two male friends were in front.

She unzipped me, put her head on my lap and went to town. It was awesome

rm_jbmm3 46M/34F
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3/8/2006 8:19 am

Wow! i wish i had a dick 4 a day.

rm_canIcheat 33F
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11/17/2006 8:35 am

Ooo, sound so sexy~

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