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1/20/2006 7:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Toy Play

All alone for the evening. Feeling naughty tonight…

I bring a Popsicle up to my bedroom, get undressed and lie down on my back. I start stroking my clean shaven pussy. It’s so soft.

I spread my legs a bit and put the Popsicle in my pussy. Oooohhhh, it’s so cold. An amazing sensation. I fuck myself with the Popsicle. The juice starts melting mixing with my own juices. I can feel it running out of my pussy.

I lean over to the nightstand and take out the lube and two of my vibrators. I put lots of lube all over my pussy and ass. Rub it all over…mmmmmmm.

I start up the vibrators. I lay one down over my clit where it pulsates. I can feel my clit getting all warm. With my other vibe I run it gently and slowly down my pussy, between my pussy and my ass and back.

Getting very horny now. I slide the vibe back to my ass. Slowly slowly I push it in to my ass. I feel like I’m going to explode. Once the vibe is in all the way I leave it there to do the job by itself. Time for the other one. I grab the other vibe and slowly start fucking myself with it.

With each push I get in deeper and deeper until I hit the bottom. I close my eyes and fuck myself.
I’m on the verge of coming, so close but still not there. Need something more.

I pull out my dildo from the bottom drawer of the nightstand. I lube it up and try pushing it into my pussy beside the vibe. I can feel my pussy stretching. At first it won’t go in but as I keep pushing it finally goes in. I hold the vibe with one hand and the dildo with the other. Push one deeper and pull the other one out a bit.

It doesn’t take long until my whole lower body starts shaking and I come hard. I come so hard it almost pushes out the vibe in my ass. I just lie there and let everything just slide out slowly. Wish I had someone to play with….

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