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why this ..?
well its the loveliest topic one can think,talk,imagine,or live in.
I knew a person who once started debating ,arguing, and fighting bout the fact that no one but him knew what love is all bout.....
Loss Of Valuable Energy....................

Its how u look at it.

I once fell in love, and have been in the bliss full environment of love ever since....

Am not with the person with whom i fell in love , but the state was such that over a period of time , just the feel of presence took me to heaven.
She , after 8 years of amazingly wonderful moments shared together , comes to me n says that she found someone better.
i was happy.... by this time now it was so intense that, just the feel of presence took me to heaven, the existence didn't matter.
It changed me , the look towards, the only thing it taught me it to love and spread it all over.

A wise man once said,
You(as an individual)never come across a society,
You always come across an individual.
You never come across humanity,
You always come across human beings.
You never come across LOVE ,
You always come across two lovers.
You never come across love,
You always come across loving.

What we r giving is the only thing we can be sure of, and it should not be anything but love.

So what do i understand of the term love.

I believe," love is an ocean of feelings"
(once you fall in love , you fell in the ocean, what do you come across, is waves they r the feelings, they are all different none alike.
what you do is keep swimming across, these waves have so many faces some happy, some sad, joy ,anger, pain , arrogance , Ecstasy, bliss,da da da.
Out of all these 30% of the feelings we can feel understand and then express them to others,
20% of em we can only feel , don't understand ,forget expressing to others.
rest of the 50% we don't even know .. gotta keep swimming.
you have to face all and take em , but don't forget to love.
lot of people just go on . thats what life is, nothing different from love.
and love is what makes all the difference in life

love bunty

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