I am me.....  

i_want_more_plz 40F
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3/27/2006 9:10 pm

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6/21/2006 7:03 pm

I am me.....

Hey everyone, how are you?
Okay, I joined this site because I love sex, not a slut, but love sex...I am just me, and either you can deal with it or you don't but know that I can go on living if you don't like it...I am on here to meet select men and women, yes, I love women like I love men...Anyway, all of you with the illuion of what a woman is or should be, should really take the time to get to know the person b4 you judge her...And for all of you narrow minded men that want a Barbie doll, keep searching, because I am not it. I am not on here to impress anyone, I am me, and I like who I am, no, I love who I am. I am just a funny, witty and sweet girl that may not appeal to everyone, but just know that you may not appeal to me either, for the ones of you that only look at certain women...

MONA_14 30F

3/28/2006 10:48 am

you are invited to be our Friends

MrTickleStick4u 41M

3/28/2006 8:45 pm

Hey I want more.........I love your post, there's nothing more sexy than a women who is confindent in herself and does'nt give a shit what other people think. Im intrigued by you and glad your in the friends group.( thats what brought me to your blog). So I'll post here and there and look forward to getting to know you beautiful. Take care hun.....

tenn69_69 56M
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5/26/2006 4:08 pm

well, what bullshit resposes. its good who u r, thats your choice. but these people who respond, what fakes. come on folks, u all would agree to anything to fuck her. most of u have no ideal what she even means. do like me, i want to fuck her, period. own upto her and b real to her, she does deserve honesty, period. so there u go folks.

OkrasTransLamps 60M
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6/21/2006 3:19 pm

Hey the BS to ladies has been going on since there was 2 men fighting over 1 lady and it will not stop because of the web sites in fact it will increase. A lady I now on this site got 200 hits the first hour and 700 the first day. Most with prick pictures and NASTY offers. Come on guys this might be a dating site and for some a sex site buy keep it clean for the ladies that do not show the nudity. If they show nudity on the get go they want this site for sex. If they don't chances are they MIGHT want a relationship. Whats wrong with getting to know the ladies name BEFORE you see her hochy. Just my opinion!

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