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5/30/2006 11:16 pm
What I'm about

well this is it,It's my blog ,Stephens blog!! so here we go I have been a Sebastopol boy 27 year's .Seems like yesterday I first moved here, and man has it changed ,I miss the day's when things where easier because !??????I think because I was young and thing's are so simple when your young, Even if you grow up in a bad situation it's just easier .But if I could make one wish in world to help the world I would wish that every one would open there minds to being more open minded, And that wee all treat every day as if it was the last!!!!!!!, Get the most out of the time we have ,thing that are important, FAMILY , TELLING YOUR KID YOU LOVE THEM, MAKING SWEAT LOVE TO YOUR WOMEN .PLAYING BALL WITH YOUR KIDS ,SMELLING THE ROSES ,WATCHING SUNSET ,ECT ' ECT, You get my point rite. .So with that I will leave you with one profound statement or two."where's the beef" "GET OFF ME PAA YOUR CRUSHEN MY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"So I better go ,that's about it for this blogFriday March 3, 2006 - 08:41pm (PST) Permanent Link | 0 Comments

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