what i think about during sex  

i_fuck_dirty 33F
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8/31/2005 7:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what i think about during sex

i woke up at 7am today. why is beyond me. i dont have an appointment until 11 or class until 12. now i am going to be tired in class and my prof's are going to think i am a lazy slacker (which is kinda tru, but not the point).

oh i remember why i woke up so early... to have sex with my BF. we hooked up the camera to the tv and watched ourselves. in this month's glamour there is an article about sex that comes to mind. as we were watching ourselves he was like "my muscles look huge" and i was thinking "this angle makes me look skinnier." people think of the strangest things when they are having sex. my roommate and i talk about it all the time. the number 1 and 2 things she thinks about it 1. when is it going to end because 2. i have laundry/work/stuff to do.

my most frequent thoughts during sex (in no particular order):
-that feels good ---i wish my boobs were bigger ---did i put the clothes in the dryer ---i have to wake up early tomorrow ---maybe i will skip class/call in sick ---thats a funny face ---let me exagerate this a bit to move things along ---what time is it ---hurry nip/tuck is coming on soon ---you are kidding me, thats all i am getting ---i want more dick, dick ---i cant beleive he came so fast ---this is taking forever ---dont stop dont stop ---why did you stop doing that ---why dont you eat me out instead ---what should i make for dinner ---i should be reading for school ---damn phone ---my ass is hurting ---my back is hurting ---this position does nothing for me ---i look fat/skinny ---i wish there was another girl here for me cuz you arent doing it for me right now ---i wish there was another girl here for you, so i could be let off the hook ---i want to go on vacation ---i like that thing that the other guy did, how do i tell this guy to do it ---fuck i forgot to pay a bill ---i really want a new outfit ---dude that hurts

men and women of the world, what do you think about during sex?

DrGonzo17 36M
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8/31/2005 4:43 pm

I think (in no particular order) That feels good-- is this better for her---can I make her moan louder from this angle--from doing it harder--- did she enjoy it more when I was going slower--god I hope I'm long enough/thick enough for her---nvm she's screamin, its plenty---should I change the position or wait until she wants to---I wish she'd fucking do some work here. . . ---damn I love it when her titties bounce when I fuck her hard---if I keep my hands moving and touching certain spots does she like it more---do I look hot for her---is she getting sore now(because my gf always gets sore after about 15-20 min)---why can't I cum yet---ok, new position----my leg is cramping up-----I'm hungry-----my dick feels like corn. . .jk------- should I fake an orgasm, cause she's getting sore and I can't come unless I put her in another position and fuck her a lot harder-----god shut up, you've been screaming in my ear for a solid 20 minutes. . mix it up with some moans or something-----damn I'm sweating too much-----fuck it I'm done

i_fuck_dirty 33F

8/31/2005 8:39 pm

you bring up important thoughts. cramp cramp cramp --- i should do more of the work... fuck it i dont care that much --- he has been pounding for half an hour, i cant beleive he isnt tired --- any harder you will split me open --- eww, sweat in my eye

but i wonder about what you said. why does your dick feel like corn? and how much is too much screaming? because honestly, i dont fake the screams; they just come out. when i am being attacked from behind i cant help but scream. my way of not screaming is holding my breath. another way to get me to stop screaming, which i actually prefer, is to be choked! i should blog that!

rm_inforsex4 57M
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8/31/2005 11:07 pm

Depends on the women and the position. Sometimes how can I best please, what would she like me to do for her, whats her fantasy she is to shy to tell me. But if she's on top and it aint good I think should I fix that crack in the ceiling

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