the most depressing movie  

i_fuck_dirty 33F
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10/15/2005 2:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the most depressing movie

there are a million more depressing movies, but the one that has gotten to me most recently is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

if you are in a relationship with someone and it seems like its shit, this movie will help you see if its worth it.

the majority of the movie is in a guy's dream, as his memories of his girlfriend are being erased. the guy and the girl are like night and day. if you saw these two walking down the street you would never guess they were together, but anyway. as his memories are being erased he gets to a point where he realizes that the relationship was not that bad and he would rather keep all the memories. the rest of the movie is the day after his memory is erased and the two meeting again and falling in love anyway.

not many movies move me the way this one did. i put myself in it and saw my life the way it would have played out. what if i tried to erase everything in my memory about my boyfriend? we are two people who make no sense together, but who says love has to make sense? it simply made me think about my BF, what i have, what i want, and what i have to do to get there.

because i will get there.

rm_mojomike 50M
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10/16/2005 9:58 am

a self review of ones' own relationship can clear up a lot of problems, in reading your blog over the course of this week, I have found a few interesting aspects of your relationship that you need to explore.

Oh doctor mojo ...

I think that you need to share more openly with your mate about what you feel. You cited in a previous blog, that you relinquish control to your mate and that he does not know how to handle it. Time for you to set him up on an exploration mission. He's not going to like it, but for your sexual needs he's going to have to learn. what you need to do is the following. Gently ( as men don't like being taught until they learn that it is for their benefit ) explain to him, that you will relinquish control over to him, in exchange he has to do certain things. Explain to him those certain things that you really like and where the boundaries are. ask him to do those things. Also ask him to be more emotional ( or verbal ).

Yes I know, it seems like a task. But when is it not a task to grow your love respectfully are caringly. The demands in modern times require us to be more forward and exacting. We literally have to work towards love instead of it just happening. Great relationships are forged under a hot sun, sweat, torment, anger and passion. They just don't happen.

best of luck


p.s. I like the way you write, insight is a wonderful thing.

SirMounts 102M

10/26/2005 8:20 pm

Well, for some it is the destination. For others, it's the journey.

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