so anxious  

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9/6/2005 1:06 am

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so anxious

anx-ious, adj. adding emotional urgency to an assertion. It implies that the subject so strongly desires a certain outcome that frustration of that desire will lead to unhappiness.

i like having a FB because it gives me something to look forward to. for a week now i have known that i would be seeing him wednesday and everytime i think about being with him again my hair stand on ends.

i had just taken a shower and was getting ready to go to sleep. i take my robe off and climb into bed. i love getting into bed and feeling the cold sheets against my bare body. naked is the only way to sleep. i spoke to him not that long ago. it didnt necessarily make me horny, but it did make me somewhat anxious for it to be wednesday. anxious to feel his lips on mine. his hands on my body. his dick in me. i arch my back and get more comfortable in bed.

have you ever wanted something so bad that you could almost close your eyes and taste it?

i close my eyes and picture us where we usually meet for a romp. i am lightly running my fingers across my chest and around my nipples. give them just a slight tug. my breasts firm up from excitement. still have my eyes closed. i keep lightly running my fingers down the side of my body to my waist. spend some time caressing my belly. i fixate my thoughts on his lips kissing me. chills run thru my body. i am not looking at them, but i can tell my nipples are now hard. i feel juice building between my pussy's lips. i keep one hand running between my breasts and belly, and run the other one down to caress my thigh. so soft. smooth. i bring my other hand down. massage my inner thigh a bit. i picture him in front of me, spreading my legs like when he is going to taste me. i move my fingers to my freshly shaved pussy lips. massage and pull on them a bit. my skin is on fire. my pussy is moist. my hair is standing on end. i feel for my juice for a quick taste but i wont finger myself. i want to stay anxious for when i see him. i want him to give me release.

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