people are annoying  

i_fuck_dirty 33F
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1/12/2006 5:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

people are annoying

i must be honest blog land... i don't have many friends. not because i am an evil bitch or anything like that. its just that people annoy me.

i may have 5... maybe 7 people i consider "friends." as in someone who's life has at least some remote importance to me, so i try to make an effort to maintain a regularrelationship with. i mean, i know alot of people and i could gossip till the cows come home, but i don't really give a shit about them. they are more like those relationships you have with people that, when you see, you say to eachother "we should have lunch" but really mean "please say no... please say no." like i said, maybe as many as 7 friends if i thought real hard about it.

by no means do i think i am god's gift to humanity. i like to think i am relatively humble in that respect because i know i have pissed a few people off in my short existence. however i am a firm beleiver that people, in general, are STUDID ANNOYING FUCKS and i really dont like surrounding myself with people who bring out such ugly emotions in me. the stupidity or annoyance may be actualized in different ways. lack of common sense. immaturity. unacceptable ignorance. cockyness. unrealistic expectations from life. pride. drug abuse. blah blah. you get where i am going.

and so, i bring this up because my friend "tina", i am realizing, is annoying. i mean really annoying me. and i am starting to lose my patience with her. bless her heart because she really is a very kindhearted goodwilled person with whom i share many values with, but she is so fucking irritating! i spend most of my day in a building full of hundreds of stuck up trust fund babies, so it was nice when i met someone like me who actually works for a living. we understood eachother. but slowly i have started to notice - not really notice as its always been there. its more like admit - that she lives in a make beleive world where the universe is a kingdom and she is the fair maiden. she makes mountains out of mole hills. is a passive pushover to a fault. talks about the same "crisis" weeks after its over. can't make a decision for herself to save the world. she starts every other sentence with "to make a long story short..." its never short! dont lie like that! there are just so many things about her that irritate me. i feel bad but its the simple truth.

as of late i have been trying to avoid her. she is in "fantasyland" as a mutual acquaintance said. i have told her a million times, very nicely, that she needs to change her approach to life and yaddi yadda. but its like i am talking to a wall. i dont want to be mean to her and tell her to fucking grow up already and act like an adult, but everytime she opens her mouth that is pretty much what i think. that and that i would like to stuff a sock in her mouth to shut her up.

i feel bad for feeling this way about someone i consider a friend and considerd me a friend, but i just cant help it. i take that back people. i really am an evil bitch.

rm_lickathong 38M
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1/13/2006 3:35 am

dawm u need2 come with me 2 montreal its cold it will chill u out 4 few.then i could warm up ur down?

SirMounts 102M

1/13/2006 4:22 am

Hey, watch what you say, girl! ...Some of My best friends are people. *wink*

rm_mirasgod28 43M
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1/16/2006 1:27 pm

i agree with you about people.fucking annoying is the word.glad i'm not the only one.thanks

rm_ElMataor2 46M
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1/18/2006 7:33 am

Hey girl, you should be hell of a fuck!!!!!, love your "fuck you and fuck the french" attitude

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