i aint no hollaback girl  

i_fuck_dirty 33F
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8/24/2005 5:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i aint no hollaback girl

these are some of the emails exactly and wholly as i received them today.

- im n plantation so just holla
to you, and all the others like you, i say i aint no hollaback girl

- nice profile and very interested and would love to satisfy u all night long eating ur pussy for couplr hours wanna check out mine profile if u interested then hit me
i dont want you to eat me. but can i still hit you?

- if you like what u see call me ### ask for XXX lets hook up call so we can talk and i can assure u that the time with me will take u to the moon and back leaving ur pussy in pure bliss mmmmmmmmmmmmmm call me now or any time
just another stupid cock pic cam attached to this one. dont you realize that after seeing hundreds of dick pics, they all start looking the same?

- I am interested in you so let me know wuz up.
wuz up is that even if i hadn't already found someone, i cannot by sound mind associate myself with someone who still uses "wuz up" as part of the english language

- i read your profile souds like you are looking for me
i actually give a teansie bit of credit to this guy, but this is all he wrote

has this ever really worked on someone?

i swear to you. i could not make this up if i tried. i clearly state in my profile that i want someone who has some brains and can actually hold a conversation. word of advice to all you looking for girls. read the profile. if she sounds smart, she probably is. if she writes a lot, she probably expects you to too. if she wants mental stimulation, a picture of you dick will not do it! if you dont have profile viewing privileges, just assume all of the above, because you don't want the girl thinking you are an ass.

and finally, if i am kind enough to respond to you to tell you that i am not interested because i am not seeing anyone new right now or whatever reason, dont get mad at me. At least i acknowledged your existence damnit!

rm_shaton71 45M
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8/24/2005 5:06 pm

In response to the the letter that the guy wrote you.
I read your profile sounds like you are looking for me.
I think he has bad grammer but I can understand why he would write such a small note. I Don't know if you realize it but most of the women on here are just gimicks to get you to join a sex site. When you email them they direct you to email them personally or they do it in there profile. So you leave the safe confines of AdultFriendFinder and go and shot them an email from your personal email. I tried this using a free site for email so I could close it after I found out what her repsonce would be. She told me to go to a website and join. She wanted to know if I was for real, go figure. Spend anouther 30-50 bucks and I bet she doesn't even talk to you. So I can say that I am gulty of the same thing. If I see someone I like I tend to just shot them a short email to see if there is something there. Why should I waste my time sending a detailed letter to someone just so they can tell me they want to know if I'm for real. I purchased the standard members can contact you so that I could cut thought this, but I am sorry to say that I still get the lets leave the confides of AdultFriendFinder and talk. Ok why don't you show me more of an interst buy writing more than that. Other than bad grammer I don't think you should be to hard on the guy. It might even apply to the hey baby one. I

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