14 thru 16 - the rebelious years  

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10/27/2005 8:44 pm

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14 thru 16 - the rebelious years

being a loner has its advantages. i got to experience life when ever i wanted because i did not usually wait around for someone to join me. i would simply become friends with whomever would expedite the process.

things i started doing when i was 14 going on 15 and 16 (in progressive order of severity, which ultimately lead me to want to change my evil ways lol):

- wear makeup and paint my nails blue
- hang out with the punk skaters
- watch porn
- skip school to be with guys
- get detention for a month
- drink alcohol
- smoke cigarettes
- your garden variety of recreational drugs
- discover alternative uses for vicks and pacifiers (if you dont know what i am talking about, then you dont need to know; its stupid really)
- lie about where i was spending the night to stay out all night
- lost my virginity
- watch my friend deal with an STD (she was 15 at the time, and it was her first time having sex, and it was actually with the felon's brother [see below])
- watch a different friend go thru an abortion (she was 15 too; only later did i find out that it was her second time having one)
- go to college parties
- date a felon (not my proudest moment)
- ... who was twice my age
- ... almost be caught in bed with him by my father
- ... then later watch him try to kill himself (unrelated to being caught)
- ... finally have a gun pulled on me (when i tried breaking up with him)
- drink at work
- ... then have sex at work
- have sex on my parents car at the party they were having for me
- coerce my friends into lying for me
- ... coerce their parents too (one mother actually facilitated me getting laid)
- throw my bestfriend a baby shower
- have sex with a close friend at a hotel party, only to have it ruin our friendship
- ... on the same night i have sex with a guy i met on the elevator
- ... whose name i never learned

i am not saying all this to show off (because its not stuff to be bragging about anyway) i simply have alot of time on my hands to think about alot of things. however, some of you who may be reading may have daughters approaching this stage in their lives. maybe you know these are possibilities, or maybe you just fear it. but its all possible. be your kid's parent, but also be their friend. except for the makeup and babyshower thing, my parents have no idea any of this ever happened. if my parents had not restricted me so much i would not have lied to them as often, or maybe ever, and probably would not have gotten into so much trouble. i hope my daughter is nothing like me.

jim5131 55M
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10/28/2005 9:09 am

(I'm so glad I've got two sons...I'd have a nervous breakdown if I had a daughter..)

I have a really open relationship with both of my sons and they don't keep (much) from me. I expect that. I encourage them to enjoy their youth and they do...

I never restricted them for the same reasons you listed..it would lead to rebellion and catastrophies. Too tight a grip causes a relationship to slip through the fingers.

Count your blessings..you're fortunate to have lived thru these years with memories. The friends that I had that lived as you did had more than scars...may didn't make it at all..

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