another day of learning  

i_eat_pussy84 36M
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6/27/2006 4:08 pm
another day of learning

well these last few days since i got really involved into this site, i learned a few things and was remind of another few things, but all in all i disappointed in my self about where i might have been goin in my life and id like to thank all the ppl who made comments and showed me which way to look when talk to woman and what theyre want maybe and the women most of all who let me have it raw (the info i mean)....but i will continue my journey and find someone or a set of women who wud share their time with me and show me a good time as much as i wanna show and giv them a good time. I havent had sex in three months and honestly i dont feel it once or twice in a week maybe but not to the extent where i think ill die if i dont have some pussy so maybe this is the road ill travel for a while i see myself getting mines for sure, patience is the key as am always told...

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