A Dance  

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2/24/2006 11:42 pm

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A Dance

The Dance in the Mythical Forest

She stood there, in the darkened forest, it was quiet; even the animals themselves seemed to be at peace. Only the moonlight itself provided light for the trees in their conversations. Its fluorescence and beauty bounced off the shallow ponds and the dripping dew on the trees to provide the forest with an amazing aura. She wore a light read nightgown, and held a flute in her soft hands. Her nightgown swayed and floated with the moving air, her long light reddish-brown hair also swaid with the breeze; she was alone, calm and still. She placed the flute to her lips, and began playing the tune she had been humming the night before back in her state room. The breeze stopped, the animals stood still; it was as if the whole forest stopped to listen to the music. A rustling in the bushes was the only disturbance in the forest. From the bushes appeared a young man, no more than twenty; she stopped playing and looked at him, deep into his eyes, but her tune did not stop, it played on, filling the air, the trees, and the bushes. He walked toward her, and offered his hand; she reached out her hand without any sense of hesitation. This young man seemed strange, yet familiar to her; she had seen him before somewhere. Little did she know; this young man standing before her was the young man that she had sketched on her drawing pad earlier that day. His hand was not muscular, it did not convey strength, but she felt something when she touched him, something so beautiful and passionate that she could not describe it. They grasped each other, sliding their arms around each other in an embrace. Their bodies swayed together to the beautiful tune, their feet began to float off the ground. They were free now, together, floating gently in the breeze, swaying to the music, not a word was spoken between them. She gently laid her head on his chest, closed her eyes, and tightened her grip; she did not want to let go, for this moment to end. He had already closed his eyes, held her closer, he was happy. She did not seem to notice, or care, that he walked a little differently, that he was not muscular and strong. She seemed to see inside him, into his heart and soul. Here his true beauty was revealed to her. They both just floated there, calmly swaying in the breeze, the music playing on. They were both content; this is what passion meant for both of them.

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