Trying to make a point!!!  

i8a4re777 44M/40F
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5/27/2006 9:06 pm
Trying to make a point!!!

We are thinking about a few points that we would like to make and was just wondering about a few things. When we put in our profile that we are looking for a "bisexual male", we would like to know what, in some peoples minds, that would mean to them. In our mind that does not mean a guy that allows another man to suck his cock or might even be willing to fuck another guy in the ass. We always felt that it meant that a guy is as willing to suck a guys cock as well as having his cock sucked or as willing to be fucked anally by a guy as much as willing to fuck another guy anally. Maybe someone could clear that up for us sometime and maybe we could hook up with a truly "bisexual" guy that would be willing to experience ALL the pleasures that a threesome (mfm and mmf) has to offer. Or maybe they should change the title to a "trysexual" male, because they are willing to try anything at least once. As you can tell, if you have read all of our blogs, we have been stood up on meetings more times than we would like to count and am not interested chatting on the computer only. We are looking for someone that is willing to experience all the fun a threesome has to offer and is willing to meet and experience that fun in person and is willing to give and receive pleasure from us both. So maybe someone out there could help clear up the meaning of a trully "bisexual" male for us and maybe then we could find one we could have fun with and become good friends with so that we could have fun all the time.

hornycouple526 47M/47F
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5/28/2006 10:19 am

exactly, exactly, exactly. Sounds like your definition of bi sexual is the same as ours. we wanr REAL LIFE ENCOUNTERS, these fuckers are too scared!!!!

rm_kcbiboy2 34M

5/29/2006 8:57 pm

I beleive that bisexual means attracted to both sexes, I don't neccesarily think it means that you like to have anal sex. I consider myself bi, but I am not into getting fucked in my ass. You can play with it, lick it and I usually even like a finger in it, but to me a penis doesn't feel good, I like to suck cock and have my cock sucked by other men. But i think some men, even truly gay men are not into anal. I also beleive that if you are too pushy with people on this site, even though it is a sex site, they get scared. Anyways goodluck all with you're searches!

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