i8a4re777 44M/40F
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3/27/2006 4:47 am

We are writing this to all the guys that we have hooked up with. We have had a lot of fun having the chance to play with you all, even the ones that played one time and disappeared into nothingness. It was all fun and a great experience for us and hopefully you too. We are some what perplexed about a few things (maybe it's just human nature or we may never figure out the answer). Why is it, even with the bisexual male stuff in our profile, we still get contacts from men that think that wife will play without hubby, even after being told that we only play together and we are looking for a bi/bi-curious male looking to give to both as well as receive from both. And these men still try to push the point that wife should play while hubby is away. It is not hubby that won't let wife play, it's wife that refuses to play without hubby. And likewise, hubby doesn't play without wife. We don't know about other couples, or married people looking for something else, but we actually love each other and can have as much if not more fun with each other only than we do when another man joins us. Our sex live is not lacking anything, we are both very pleased with and pleased by each other. We are just looking to have some fun by inviting another man to join us. But enough about us fuming, back to the original topic here, we just want to say thank you all for making our experiences enjoyable and fun and helping us fulfill some fantasies. And to one special person, and you know who you are (Mr. Blue), we enjoy every visit, every minute that we spend together. We feel like we have truly met a great friend, not just in the bedroom but as a person, and we have connected and built a friendship that is hard to find now days. Well, it's time to wrap this up and bring it to a close. And to everyone that views our Blogs and posts, feel free to comment or vote or whatever it is you can do with these and thank you for reading this and may each and everyone of you find exactly what you are looking for. Till next time, bye bye!!!

rm_BluejayKC69 45M

3/28/2006 8:01 pm

I have to say after reading this, i'm honored to be the one special person that you enjoy. I also enjoy every visit and the time we have togther. I also want to tell everyone that reads this blog and to who ever conciders getting togther with i8a4re777, This couple is by far the friendliest and most enjoyable. I concider them to be best friends (with benefits) of course!
To any guy that contacts this couple, Please respect them when they say they ONLY play togther. If your ONLY looking to play with a wife then go look somewhere else. There are women on AdultFriendFinder that are married looking for fun on the side. (without hubby)

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