Early in the morning and thinking about things!!!  

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8/25/2006 3:34 am
Early in the morning and thinking about things!!!

We are trying to figure a few things out. We see lots of profiles that say that bisexual and bicurious guys are looking for a male/female couple to play with. We can speak from experience that most of them are either lying or cannot keep up with a very sexual married couple. We have met several guys on here and played with them, once and then they dissappear into nothingness. We started to think that maybe it was something that we had done to make them act like this. But as time goes by, we are starting to find out that most of them are not able to keep up with us sexually. Maybe they have been looking to fulfill some fantasies and such, but we still feel that we are WAY too sexual for them. These men have been a bit younger to a bit older than us and yet they still can't seem to keep up with us sexually. We thought we had met one that started to become a very good friends with benefits type of relationship, but that has seemed to fall through after alot of time we had put into it. Then we found another that we thought would work out, and that one just seemed to want to use us, sexually and financially, until we were strapped and not able to do more, and that one fell through. We are really starting to believe that the worst about people and human nature, that most people are truly only out for themselves and are only out for all they can get from people and then they crap on them. We do admit, most of our experiences have been fun and worth experiencing the fulfillment of our fantasies. But like we tell all of those that get in touch with us, we would like to find a "friends with benefits" type of relationship and are truly starting to believe that this is a concept that noone seems to understand or they just don't really care about. We have emptied our personal messenger countless times and are just getting frustrated with this whole thing. To the few that we are keeping in contact with now or have just started chatting with, this in no way has to do with you, we are looking forward to the possiblity of meeting with you at some point and hopefully having some fun (this boils down to 5 people, and hopefully one that may work into a friendship). We would like to thank those that we have been with for the fun and playtime that we have had together, and hope that you all find exactly what you are looking for. There really is no bad feelings, we just are a bit disappointed. To those that we are still chatting with, we are still interested and looking forward to meeting you and seeing how things go. We are just getting tired of those that are all talk and no action. Hopefully everyone finds what they are looking for and has fun on the journey there. Goodbye and good luck.

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