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7/12/2005 6:41 pm

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my fantasy

So I sit here looking
at the ground wondering
Where I am going up or down.
I want to run and get wild
play the games that get
your adrenaline moving,
But need a man to help me out.

Have him pin me down tease me
And please me with his tongue.
On that long picnic table back far
Behind the trees past the pond.

Start with his hands going up under my shirt
Squeezing my breasts just right.
As his hand goes under my skirt
Feeling my juices flow over his hand.
He begins to work his way down past my belly
Making me moan slightly as he licks his way down
To my clit and my pussy.
His hand on my breasts and
His tongue playing with my clit
while fingering my pussy
As I moan even louder.

I feel him suck real hard then bite
and suck and the hand is in and out
Of my pussy.
I whisper to him fuck me NOW.
He giggles just bit and say's no not yet.

My eyes open to see the sight of the law standing
right there he sits at the table and say's
Don't let me stop you. I will just watch.

As he goes up and down in and out of me with his tongue.
The officer whispers may I play with your breasts
Yes, please do I said.
He then bite my nipple not once but twice.
Then switched to the other nipple.
As I feel my cum pouring out of me.

I started to sit up, but was pushed back down
Then I got a cock in my mouth.
And the two men ate me out.
So I lick his hard cock then I lick his balls.
He taste so good so clean.
I took in his cock and sucked it softly
Feeling it grow in my mouth. I suck even harder
As he pushed his cock down my throat.

I feel my body pounding and shivers all around
My legs. I could feel me have many orgasms.

I can't stop sucking cause a small taste appears
and then my mouth is full of cum dripping down the
Sides of my mouth.

I lay there Totally nude as the two men talk away from me.
The cop comes back and helps me stand.
Say's turn around bend and spread your legs.
So I do cause he's a cop horny as me.

The other man sits on the table and say's suck my cock.
So I suck his hard cock and then I suck even deeper
When I felt the cops cock enter my pussy.
In and out very slowly the cock goes in and out of me.
As I suck even harder then before as

I sucked and sucked the other man's cock
but I had a smile as I sucked gracefully
On his cock sucking his cum down my throat.
Then he stops me and pulls me up
As his cock enters my pussy

I started to moan way to loud and the man in my pussy
Sticks his tongue down my throat as we begin to kiss.
as we kissed deep and long. It felt like forever.
The cop disappeared.

The man in my pussy he continued until
My eyes closed.
He rested and when I opened my eyes
I was alone dressed in my clothes all alone
On the picnic table.

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