Return to the picnic table  

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7/13/2005 9:25 am

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Return to the picnic table

To see him there laying on top
I came up and touched his cock
He looked at me with a smile.
I began to rub up and down his pants
He moaned slightly.
I laid on top of him as I kissed his lips.
His hands grabbed my ass tight
I felt his cock grow
I felt my pussy get wet.
He whispered undo my pants
Make me hard as you can with your hand
I stood back up and un did his pants
I took a hold and stroked his cock
Up and down, again and again.
He moaned faster, faster
Lick the tip top of my cock
And stroke me up and down.
My pussy was wetter then before
But continued to please his cock
I sucked his cock for over an hour on the table
far behind the the trees on that picnic table.
We heard voices far away
That turned both of us on making me suck even harder
He said go down all the way don't stop.
He pushed my head down as my mouth opened wide.
He then pulled out of my mouth and shot all over my face.
I hear him say lick me all around my cock
Clean up my cock make me hard again.
I licked his cock that was still semi hard
he wanted it harder and he wanted my tongue
To make him moan with pleasure.
His moaning became louder when he stopped me
He said lean over the table pull up your skirt
and spread your legs wide
His hands rubbing up and down my ass.
his fingers finding my pussy rubbing up and down
up around my pussy he whispers your soaking wet
His hand playing with my clit and my pussy lips
I moan slightly his hand speeding up.
My moans became louder and louder
I beg him to go in with his hand
He laughs and say's no baby not yet.
His other hand twisting my nipples
My hips start to move back and fourth
His hand teasing my clit I bite my lip
Then I came on his hand.
He put his hand in my mouth with all my cum
And said suck my hand clean.
His other hand still twisting my nipples
I licked his hand clean
He took both his hands spread my
pussy wide and began going in my soaking wet pussy
With his thick long cock in and out.
Slowly in and out
I moaned YES
He pushed harder each time
I felt him further then I ever felt any cock in my pussy
I screamed he put his hand in my mouth and said
Suck my fingers like you milk my cock down his fingers went
Down my throat I sucked his fingers holding them deep in my throat
Faster his cock went in my pussy in and out.
Out came his fingers and then he exploded
Deep in my pussy holding his cock in place.
He sat on the bench he grew in my pussy again.
He said ride as I stay in your pussy.
Up and down I went.
His hands on my nipples
twisting and pulling my nipples
As the nipples got harder with each twist.
One hand left my nipple and began to play with my clit
slapping my clit harder each time
then rubbing up and down my body began to go wild.
My legs began to twitch
He held me tight on his cock as
I came several times all over his hand
Then he exploded again in my pussy.
I had one last orgasm as his tongue went in my ear
He held me tight as we felt each other cum
until my body stopped twitching and tingling
I stood up and began to walk toward the pond
He got back on the table and laid there
I turned around and said see you around.
He smiled and closed his eyes.

This Time it wasnt a dream!

(Juan S)
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7/18/2005 8:47 am

Pretty hot stories. Keep it up.

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