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7/29/2005 7:00 am

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Ok so i have been on this website for a little over a month. I have talked to many men and found out that most of them were just jerks who wanted a one night fling. Having found only a few who really want what I am looking for. So then the process begins. You have to sort out the bad from the good, and the likes from the dislikes.

So it finally happened. I have talked with this guy for about three weeks, did the question and answer part, did the trading of pics (both nude and dressed) and found out what he is looking for. After all this I still want to meet him, so we set up a date for tuesday night. We both agreed to meet in a public place and if we both wanted to then we would move to a hotel.

Now the problem lies here...I havent ever met anyone from the internet in person before. I am so nervous i dont know what to do with my self. I have thought about backing out on the date, but i really want to meet him and that also kinda defeats the whole purpose of this website.

So my question to all of you... Have you met someone from the internet before and if so were you nervous? How did you deal with it? do u have any advice for me to make the night go smoothly?

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