It taint over till it's over...  

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9/20/2005 11:49 pm

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It taint over till it's over...

I'm right here waiting to spank you, for
being "bad"...Have you been bad? I know you fucking have been. Turn the fuck around and grab your ankles Daddies got some tube
steak for ya..Are you ready..Are you bent over?..I said grab them
ankles or else? Where's my fuckin paddle.."wack" for not listing when
I said turn the fuck I have to repeat myself again' I
do? "Wack" just because, I wanted too.
Bend over farther I want to see your pinkness, I want to see your
pussy winking at me, sending me an invite to explore and
fuck and sweeze and to lick and eat..I want your pussy so bad. I want
to stick my cock in it, I want to stick it in again and again an
agian..are you getting wet, I want you wet' did you hear me..I want
you wet, sopping wet. I want to taste your goodness and bite your
I'm saluting you right now, My cock is so hard for you it's pounding
with readyness for your hot box that is dripping with wettness.. Do you want
it, do you want it in your pussy or do you want it in your
ass?. You'll get it where I want you to have it' understand! Lay
down "now" I want you I want to be inside you..Good lay on your
stomack.. BRING YOUR ARMS BACK BEAHIND YOU! Grab my cock and feel how
hard it is for you.. It throbs for your hole. "Let go", put your
hands together so I can hold you down. Is that too tight. "Good",
feel that? I'm at your back door knocking' so let me the fuck in...
Loosen up, relax...Wack" did you hear me? I want your tight little
How do you like me rubbing my cock on your's slidding all
over your wettness. Up and down side to side. I can feel the heat
coming from you. I'm all wet from you pussy.. I think I'll stick it
in your" o to late it going in...Into that tight little ass of yours..
("Brown eye") Hold still, I'm almost in you.."Wack" on that ass..Hold
still...I want you. I want you."now".Oh hold still I'm going futher
in..Oh you are so tight, I can feel you strething around my cock..All
I can do is continue to wack your ass as you pound back towards me
sending me in and out of you..Oh faster,, pound my cock. harder,
harder...Pound my cock "NOW" RIGHT THE FUCK NOW" OH YEA" POUND
AWAY..oH YEA...OH YEA..Here it cums, it cumming for you..because of
you, short jabs at that ass. I'm backing up and ready to fill you
up...Here it cums just for you..Oh' oh' "you feel so good" deep trust
ohoooooooooooofuck-n-wonderful..take me, take it all, again
trust ..ah here's more for you..ooh.take it..your little ass is so
hot from being spanked. I should lick it to cool it down. would you
like taht. Would you like be to like your ass? How bout if I start at
your taint..Right between your pussy and your ass...cuss it taint
your ass and it taint your pussy..but it will be mine to lick and
suck on. would you like that..Spread your leggs..bring your knees up'
up higher. Expose your pussy to me..Where's my straps. Where's my
leather straps..You need to be tied down for this..One hand to an
ankle now the other to the other ankle..Now thats hot. Can't raise or
lower your leggs. Cant move an arm without moving a legg..YOUR HOT
BOX JUST WANTS TO BE EATIN..(Don't mind if I do)..uumm, uuuumm you
taste great!!!..So wet and yummy,, Feel that, thats my tongue rolling
around inside you', oh' I need to nibbel and bite hold of that clit
of yours, it's so swoollen.. aaargg, lick, grabbing it with my lipps,
Oh yea so ready to pop...I think i'll roll you over, leggs over your we go. Now I can rest on my knees and look down on you all
tied up and not able to move..and sink my face into you again...let
me pull you back a little so your leggs are on my shoulders.There we
go thats perfect. Perfect to get at your pussy.. AARRRUMP,
YUMMY.back and forth my face goes into you, side to side up and down
and all around your wett keep trying to move and can't.
All you can do is arch your back to get more of my face into you,
yes!! Thats good, pound my face. oH YOUR GOOD, Let me wip around so
you can suck my balls while I eat you out and thrash that tight wet
pussy.. how to you like it, how do you like my balls in your
face.."Wack" on your ass again I give to you..suck them! while I lick
you.. whats that, yea you are so right..I've gotten hard for you
again. "so hard". Okay thats time is over....give-me those
straps as I pull you to the edge of the bed grabing the straps into
my hands. Each pulling you abpart so I can gain access under
SIMKS. Harder I pull on your straps, harder I sink into you..I Pull
those straps behind me, raising you up..bringing your face to meet
mine..Give me that lip. I want to bite you..Arrgg, I can taste
you..Pound goes my cock into you again, 'deep" tighten your pussy, do
it "now" tighten it..Oh yea, oh yea..take me in, I said take me all
the way in..Yea thats it. suck my cock with your pussy..suck it..suck
it.. go..harder..Yea take this, pounding your mound..In out, in
out..take it. pull them straps; "feel the leather" grind your hips
into the bed onto my cock. Take it, oh yes, take it..Grind it..Grind
it..Wheres that nipple. They are so hard and errect.Bitting down on
one..UUUMMM. pounding you harder and faster and harder and faster.
Biting your nipple, pulling your straps..Oh I can feel you..Your
starting to swiver, shake..You like it. Do you want daddy to pound
your pussy harder..Just tell me', harder you say.. "no" I want to
take my time. I want to feel you more..YOUR SO WET NOW..I can barely
stay inside you.. got to be carefull I dont slip out and send it into
your ass!!?pound' pound' pound' pound...stick it to you, "ooooh"
pound that's too much, oh so hot, your pussy is so wet and
so hot. I feel you your about to "CUM" your shiver faster, your at
the edge of no's cuming you yell to me...It's cumming you
yell again..I reach up and stick my finger in my mouth soaking it
with spit..Under my cock it goes. Right into your asS SENDIGN YOUR
sink your cock in and stay there.oH I'M THERE.. Staying put, feeling
the preasure build. Here it comes, it's's
building..Pulling out, sending my cock back in...oh..ooooh...someone
say fill up..oooh, oooh, oh, it goes....uuuumm, oh yea, uumm. ah.Damn
so good..So fuckin good..

I'm taking one more tiggeling lick of your
pussy before cutting you lose..
Are you ready for a rub down? a massage?

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