You put the "ass" in asshole!  

hunthard06 48M
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8/19/2006 1:43 pm
You put the "ass" in asshole!

They did it again! Not the same couple, but another couple from my area. As you may or may not remember my post What's the dealeooo????? in which I was frustrated that local people were such butt monkeys that they freak out if you say "hi" and block you. Well it's nice to know that couple has good company! Sheshh, once again it was that all intrusive line "hello, just wanted to say hi" that got me.
I guess that the afore mentioned comment, if fallen in the wrong hands like mine, could be a dangerous weapon. With my SPECIAL internet powers and my secret "hi" comment I'm able to transport myself thru the internet and reach out from your computer monitor and fondle your spouses breast and look up her skirt! lol. What a bunch of maroons!

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