virginal VENTING  

hungry4sex_0123 42M
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5/18/2006 5:43 pm
virginal VENTING

I'm just in a venting mood. A strong man, physically fit, athletic muscular build. Perhaps not the greatest looking guy in the world but I'm not bad. I have broad shoulders, large hands so why, oh why am I a virgin?

I'll tell you why.
Because I have this thing called an Ideology and now here lately, I seriously wonder if my ideology is flawed at it's root. Maybe I really should just find a friend to have a little fun with. Maybe I should take the step and actually start to gain some sexual maturity.

Oh it's easy to say it like this, here on a blog, much harder in real life though. I don't know, I honestly think that most women are curious about virgins or taking virginity but beyond being curious, their interest begins to ebb.

anyway, sorry, just needed to vent.

And no, I'm not looking for pity either.

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