the point?  

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5/17/2006 9:39 am

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the point?

What is the point?

It's a great day so far and I thought I'd post a small blurb here.
I can think of many things to write down and put in this blog but to some small degree, I keep wondering about "the point" of it. I mean I can write personal, introspective thoughts here, yes. But in the end, it does not help me feel any different or alter my mood or outlook.

The chance of actually beginning a dialogue with someone on this site which has substance is, to me, pretty far out there. I don't doubt it "could" happen but I do doubt that it will. And no, this is not one of those situations where "negative thinking shall induce negative results".

I'm just being honest and to me, HONESTY is key!

So what is the point?

To commiserate with others which might bring on a closeness?

To look through photos of profiles and drool? lol

To share private thoughts which in other circumstances would never see the light of day?

you are thinking now that I am a cynical prick aren't you.

I am cynical but I don't think I am a prick.

So far this site has yielded what I expected it would.
Perhaps I am not approaching things in the "normal" or "proper" way which might induce the results I would like or would enjoy, but there is a reason. I see little point for me to lay out all of my self for inspection by people I don't know.

So far the census here is "I need to get laid".
Well I agree but finding the proper path for an individual to grow in sexual maturity is not a path easily found.

any way I guess I'll stop here.
I'm just venting mental blather.

sorry to put you through this.

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