Teaching the landlord a lesson!!  

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6/15/2006 10:10 pm

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Teaching the landlord a lesson!!

So yesterday we went to court to screw over my landlord.. The story?????

When we moved into this house there was alot of problems and on our renters agreement he put down all the problems and when he was going to fix them. Well they were supposed to be done by the end of january this year. He never did them so by March we decided to forcehold our rent. Well by May he decided that he was going to evict us or try.. Well we called the Salt lake Valley Health department to document all the problems that were making the house obvously not really habital to begin with. Well then our landlord didnt pay the water bill like he was supposed to and the water got shut off. So we went down to the water authorties to find out what was going on and found out that he has not paid a bill since beore we moved in and that as of January of this year the water bill has to be in the owners name not the tenants. Well he is not even the owner of the house he is just the property manager. So i got upset rite there and was saying how i was getting sick of the shit he was puttingus thru and that he wont tell us who the owner of the house is so that we can call them and tell them what is going on. The water people felt bad they had the name and number to the owner. So they called her and told her that there was problems and that she mite want to call and find out what was going on.. The owner called we let her know she was upset. So anyways now we are contact with her. At first she seemed to really care what was going on. Now I think she is telling us lies to make us happy.. So we decided we are not going to sit back and let someone else screw over someone they think is to young so we went to court yesterday to tell the judge that we are fighting it. Our laywer says we have a real good case and that he is almost postive we are going to win this with all the documentation that we have.

Problem being is in order for us to stay in the house that we want to stay in and to get an actual court day to present our case she put a $4000.00 dollar bond on us. Which of course we only have until Monday at 5opm monday nite to come up with.. Well here is the dilemma i dont have that.. I want to be able to show people like him that he can not bulley people like us and always get away with it.. Any suggestions on how to raise that money fast would be appreciated.. Anything any help we just really want to show him that this is (Well mostly) our house and that we are not leaving but he is not going to be a lieing caniving asshole either and push us around.. So please any help in this would be appreciated..... Why should people like him continue to get away with this shit!! We were not even the only ones in the courtroom for him. There were three other residents besides us.. So what does that tell you??

hotandhorny107 58F

6/15/2006 11:36 pm

Am a little unclear. Why would you want to stay in a place that has not been repaired as promised? You did not specify what they were, but if it is in such a state of disrepair, I would just move. The landlord is in violation of the lease.

Second, why are you being charged to fight the eviction. My landlord took me to court for owing him part of the rent (he is an idiot and and asshole) and I did not have to pay any type of fee. All I had to do was show up at court and tell my side of the story.

I am presuming that you have the rent money safely in the bank, in a special account designated as an esgrow account. It is there for payment when the problems are corrected, including the water situation. The other tenants should do the same.

And if he is only the property manager, I would also presume that he does not pay the bills. He is only there to collect the rents, maintain the property and make sure all is well... It is the landlord you should go after, not the property manager. Perhaps he is the one stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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6/16/2006 12:30 pm

I love were we are at. that is why we are fighting.. the owner has no ideal what is going on here. She was at a total loss until she finaly found a way to get ahold of us.. Hear in Utah they want a bond incase you lose your case.. Atleast that is the way the judge put it yesterday.. The house is getting repairs done but that is only cause we call the Salt Lake Valley Health Departement and they got a hold of the owner and the owner is the one that hired the people to fix it.. We have statements from them with dates that say when they fixed the problems which are 3 months after they were supposed to be done so we can still go after him..It is a real mess tho even if we win we are still thinking of mocing just to piss the landlord off that much more but that depends cause the owner has said whe was going to fire him when this is all done and that we can deal directly with her so who knows...

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