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3/24/2006 10:30 am

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multiple id's

i had someone write to me
at one of my zero activity

was from a husband hunter,
to be expected from that
system. i would not dare
use "date" or "match"
because everyone on there
is looking for "the one".

there is *nothing wrong*
with looking for "the one".
the problem is, we all know
that even they have the
"special friends" that they
met them somehow... the longest
relationship I've ever had
was with a woman who mutually
shared the desire to want
to meet for "whatever". It's
really ironic that even though
*both of us* wanted to keep
it casual, we were both
drawn into a long term relationship
that was more powerful than
any of the several that came
before it. she was still married
as we lived together as well.

i am not really concerned about
someone's desire to find that
"perfect 10" online, but i wish
that they would leave my ass

the note i refer to in the
beginning of the post said
that she had seen other
profiles and it would
probably work better for me
if i just kept it down to
one. i had to wonder why
she would take the time out
to write someone she obviously
would never want to meet, and
tell them what to do! Then
i realized how sad
and pathetic it is.

i guess i'm not the only one who

go completely inactive for
the several years that they
required payment for contact.
i realize that any service
has to make money, but feeding
you tons of advertising while
making you pay for it after
making it free for so long was
kind of cheesy of the big "Y".
guess that's why the gmail
thing is catching on too.

it must have been really sad
for her to place the ad and
actually pay for it all and
then have no contact whatsoever.
the truth is, unless your in
a *big* city there is little
chance of finding many people
on any site at all. the
people who really want to
meet up with someone for real
would want to market themselves,
and make it easier to contact
them from y profiles.

sure, there are online problems
but if you use a service that
lets you read email on the web
without downloading anything,
it greatly reduces the risk of
being messed up by "spam" and
all that. sure, every once in
a while you get 20 or 30 a day at
one address, but it dies down
as long as none of it is responded
to in any way!

having multiple id's that all
contain direct contact info just
seems like a logical choice, and
i'm not hiding anything because
they all have pics of little old
me! if someone is hunting through
profiles long enough to find 3 or
4 of mine (that are in member
directory), then i'm sure they will
contact me if there is any real
interest in meeting with no
expectation of doing anything
more than talking in person to
communicate face to face.

refusing to chat has gotten me
accused of wanting to jump in
the sack with a woman without
even knowing her name... they
completely ignore the fact that
i'm asking for nothing more than
to meet a real local who can
meet up somewhere just to talk
and talk only. they obviously
have to be local so that there
isn't a big hassle of travel to
meet up. the ones that
complain the most about my not
chatting are the ones who are
states away, or more than 3 hours!
they are so eager to chat because
if they were closer you might
expect them to meet up or
something. some people work
for themselves and if they spend
all day online they will go

we already know
that chatters just want chat,
and they want that chat fix.
if they get off on chat enough
to be there every time you check
(once a week for offline msgs),
and seem to be able to hit you
up even when you only come on
invisible for a minute, you
know they will not have time
for meeting in person! they
have to keep track of all
kinds of people online.

ok, enough bitching!
just thought it showed some
nerve for someone to write
me to tell me what to do.
that was pretty sad. what
was even worse is that i
could only send back one
out of a list of responses.
of course one i would use
was not on the list, and i
chose a simple yet sarcastic
"look forward to hearing more
from you".

ok, enough venting. i know
that i should not be negative!
i'm just so grateful for the
friends i had before the storm
who i have gotten to see and
hang out with again! thank
goodness for the local y
groups so that i've
gotten some leads on some
real locals!

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