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6/30/2005 11:27 pm

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i hung out with some friends this evening, both sets of couples have young children. all are mixed race, beautiful, happy kids, with amazing parents. i in awe of these people and hope that if/when i have children of my own, that i am half as amazing as these friends.

i used to manage a customer service department that had employed quite a few international folks. anyone that is multilingual i am immensely jealous of. This evening, I got to watch my friend speak portuguese to her 15 month daughter. "so this is how it starts", i think to myself. man, i am so going to enroll my children in language courses when its time. better yet, maybe my future partner will be multilingual! it was wonderful to hear the words repeated, but in baby talk! soon enough, she'll be expressing herself more clearly and we'll all be learning by watching her!!!

kids are the future (pretty cheesy i know) and it takes a village to raise a child (again, pretty cheesy), so when you encounter young people, make sure you are positive in your interaction. you are making a lasting impression and the more happy people there are in this world, the better off we will all be.

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7/1/2005 2:03 am

I have two children and my parther is Turkish.
Our 6 year old speaks turkish, english and is learning french. It was amazing to see him talking french to the locals last time we were there and it made such a difference to the whole holiday.

My other son is 20mths old and starting to talk and uses a mix of english and turkish.

I am very english in appearance (pale guy) and my wife is very dark. One son is very dark and looks very turkish and the other is fair haired, fair skinned and blue eyed. So a bit of a mix. People often assume we have a child each from different relationships.

Strangely enough the only hostility we have ever come across is from turkish people.

i love my kids, I love the fact they are different, I love the fact they embrace a multitute of cultures and languages. The world is a small place. As you say.. they are our future.

I talk English, Turkish , French and German. The latter two stem from working in France and Austria for many years. I find being able to talk in these different languages makes a massive difference whenever there and even here in london there are so many different races it is a great help here as well.

So.. I suppose what I am saying is that I feel it is a great thing to be able to speak in and understand different languages !!

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7/6/2005 7:45 pm

Nice post...I do afree that being multilingual would be a double bonus. I am wanting to be a HS history teacher and have decided that I need to learn Spanish. Not only is it a great marketability tool but it WILL be a necessity as soon as white America realizes that the rest of the worls is multilingual so they either need to jump on the language bus or pass a World Order Directive forcing every nation to speak English...I'm hesitant to imagine what will happen first...
I agree children are the future and we DO need to approach them as young adults, pass on to them useful knowledge, not cloud their minds with negativity and impossibilities, value their ideas becasue so many times the corporate executive will get so burned out that they need a new perspective and will probably get it from the little people ( oh wouldn't that be a joy)...
Keep it on the positive

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