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5/31/2005 2:08 pm

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Common - Be

I've been hearing Common's new song, The Corner, on the radio for weeks, so I decided to pick up the new album, Be, over the weekend.

I've been a fan of Common's for a few years now and love his style of hip hop, what I like to describe as "intelligent hip hop". The lyrics on this album are beautiful, they are able to convey the raw emotion that the *characters* would feel. The beats are heady, smooth, groovy, just like I like them. He's got a few cameos, such as Kayne West and John Legend, that do not detract from the overall experience of the album.

I'd give it a 7 out of 10. It's pretty close to an 8, but it's a little short. It tops out at roughly 40 minutes of music.

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