Been VERY busy. We have puppies!!!  

humm73 48M/43F
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9/15/2005 11:39 am
Been VERY busy. We have puppies!!!

Hello again. Sorry it's been so long. Our Shih Tzu had 5 puppies last month, so we spend most of our time tending to them. We have 2 males left if anyone is interested. They are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
On to other topics...we are planning to go to the get-together on the 24th. Anyone else? We had such a great time at the last one. Not sure what everyone did afterwards...but we sure enjoyed the company of some new 'friends'! Hope to see some new faces on the 24th along with all the others. If you're worried about being discrete, DON'T, it's just like any other bar(only it's outside under a tent);music, beer and fun people! Gotta run...puppies need to go outside.

realcurvywoman 35F

9/17/2005 5:40 pm

How much are you asking for your puppies? I've been really wanting a small dog alot lately but I'm still not sure if we're ready for one. Also, do any single guys under 30 attend these get togethers? Please let me know!

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