My first blog, inspired by the lady in the red dress who just removed her profile before i sent this  

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4/7/2005 1:23 am

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My first blog, inspired by the lady in the red dress who just removed her profile before i sent this

I feed on your darkest desires. You shall obey everything i have for you to do. You shall listen to my every word extremely diligently. You shall be the woman who stands beside this strong towering post of a man. We walk into a small party of about 40 people. You know you are there for him and nothing else to look beautifull as the extremely sexual trophy on his massive arm. until He allows you to releave his sexual needs and in return if I feel you have done well your needs shall be taken very well care of. You shall walk with your arm wrapped in his following his lead standing by his side knowing that this man is your new master that he will keep you and attend to you as he feels nessesary. You stand at his side longing for the moment that he will finally raise his big hands to touch your soft skin, but what will he do next what does your master want? He wants your soft panties in his hand!! Go around the coner take them off your hips, now bring them back to me and place them in my hand! After doing so i lean over, gently place my hand on the small of your back and wisper "can you feel a gentle breeze on your exposed cunt?" You lean back lick the tip of my ear and say " i cant i am too wet" then i reply "let me see if i can help you with that" i then slide my hand off your back and up the back of your sexy little red dress. Can you feel these hands wondering under your soft garments? I then take two fingers as your standing right in front of me and thrust them roughly into your pussy. I can feel your body tension your neck archs upwards letting only the most slight sigh between your lips! Quicker than you can drop your draw i slam my fingers deep into your ass. Being very quik i say " Dont make any noise!" I stand right behind you some people are glancing over at us but most dont have any clue. You can feel my fingers stretching that tight ass of yours, now to test your loyalty i start to spin my fingers and shove them as far as they can go up your butt. "NO NOISE AND DONT MOVE" i say. As i start to feel your knees quake i remove my fingers and wipe them off with your silken panties. You arent aloud to move you stand there legs slightly spread from my hands invasion. Dress lightly drapping over your soft ass and legs going straight down. A view so divine so beautifull. As i finish wiping my fingers clean i stand back beside you and you wrap your arm in mine. Walking foot in front of foot, as if you were walking the runway, you follow me knowing nothing of where we are going. I lead you to a dark back room at the party. I stand behind you, as a true master should showing his dominance. I grab a full hand of your hair and pull downward exposing your face, neck and chest to my lips. I taste you i engulf your beauty. I take few short moments to enjoy the woman that you are and the beauty that you behold before i command the sexual need from you i desire so much. I take you panties and ripe them into long strands one i use to tie your hands together and i then tie them to a coat hook in this dark room. As you stand there tied with no control of what happens next i take my large hands and run them all over your soft curvacious body can you feel my breathing getting harder? I can feel yours. Take moments to pinch your nipples slowing getting harder and harder till i know what you can handle and what I will be giving you. All with your hands still tied above your head standing on your toes legs spread slightly your back has begun to arch from my fingers teasing your hard nipples. I come and stand behind you agiain this time i lean into you and press your body firmly into the wall i take my middle and ring fingers and slowly part your lips telling you" I wnat to see my much your throat can take" You open your mouth and start to lube my fingers with your spitworking them and sucking htem very hard. Seeing how you arent obeying my directions i grab the back of your head and shove my fingers down your throat. I can feel your esophogus open and allow my fingers in past your throat. I reply "GOOD GIRL" Another strand from your panties is now being used to gag your mouth being tied very tightly. You resist some what but it has no affect i quickly smack your dress covered ass to make you submite to my thoughts. The craking noise is very loud and you quickly stand still. Now that my fingers have been properly lubed i slide them gently at first back into your ass working it out stretching you getting you ready for more. I can tell you are enjoying it you are practically hanging fromyour hand ties. Can you feel my soft kisses on your sweet neck as i finger that tight ass ? I turn you around and continue to kiss you, i take a few steps back, and slowly start to disrobe. When i am beginning to drop my pants i see your eyes wonder down and youa re in awe of me standing completly naked in front of you. I then step back forward slide my arms under your legs and lift you into the air. I step back a step or two until there is tension on your hand ties kin dof pullin goyu to the wall i then sit your pussy down onto my throbbing cock You were right you are still very wet!!!! As i start to really pound your tight cunt your juices are flowing non stop you enjoy being fucked so hard mid air hands pulling on the wall. Fuck, this man might hurt me, you think. You can tell i am getting ready to cum as i start to moan and grunt loudly like a wild man, until finally i blow a HUGE load. So huge it has started to cum out of your pussy around my cock. I then lift you off my cock and stand you back on the ground. As youstand there on your toes once again i can see the cum dropping out of your cunt straight to the floor. You are there almost fully limp from pleasure hanging just from your hands the only thing supporting you, your head is hanging low trying to recover, just enjoying all of it. I grab your hair and say "I'll be right back dont go any where" Knowing damn well you cant because your tied and gagged. Care to know what happens when i get back?

lushgeorgiegirl 40F

4/12/2005 8:51 pm

I need to hear what happens next, PLEASE!!!

cillycece 38F
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4/13/2005 5:46 am

Let me know what happens.....Do you bring someone else in to fuck? Tie me up and do what ever sweetie............

JaniSux 44F

12/3/2005 9:14 am

Ohhhhh damn baby! What a hot story! What happens next? Do you bring back more men to feel and touch and grope all over me or to fuck me? Or just one other guy for me to blow while you fuck me doggy style? My fingers are poised on my soaking wet pussy, just wishing I knew where this story went after this...

Enjoy this ride of life..

saucygirl65 52F

1/2/2006 5:17 pm

Hot wish I was tied up for you....

JaniSux 44F

3/26/2006 5:44 pm

TAG! You’re it… See the post on my blog to see what’s up with this game of tag..

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