My first in person meeting from A-F-F?  

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12/11/2005 5:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My first in person meeting from A-F-F?

I had a buisiness trip planned so checked out the destination city and chatted in the area. I started chating with a woman exchanged some e-mail and discused her local hang out as a possible meeting place. Well that trip was to busy for me to get out so it never happend and she stopped e-mailing etc.

This weekend I was on another business trip to the same place and found I had more time so I went out with some co-workers to the place she had mentioned! I secretly was hoping to see her and sure enough she was their with a blouse I recognised from a photo she sent. We talked and danced and had a good time.

I was somewhat nervious with my co-workers their (they dont need to be surfing A-F-F and posting my profile on the watercooler) but she was real cool and in the end she exchanged numbers with the one single guy I was with because she was really not looking for the "married guy" and told her I was not to sure if I would do anything anyway since I never had realized anything from this site?

I dont know why I have been surfing this site but between work and home I am missing that spark that used to make me feel alive I dont know but I am sitting by myself again in a hotel room traveling alone again.

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